Finkel, Shaw, Webb, English and Blue Deny Watley's Accusations!

By G. Leon


Finkel, Shaw, Webb, English and Blue Deny Watley's Accusations!

Mike Tyson manager Shelly Finkel denied every accusation Ted Watley made in our exclusive interview and then proceeded to put every one of the named parties with the exception of Showtime on the phone with us immediately. "I have three options on Williams, Shelly has no options on Danny Williams whatsoever," said Chris Webb, whose company Straight Out Promotions promoted Mike Tyson's July 30 bout with Danny Williams at The Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. "No, we've never been partners on foreign sales," said Chester English whose company Media Partners sold some territories for Ed Simons. "Finkel had nothing to do with any of the foreign sales, it's totally crazy, there's no bearing to that at all."  Gary Shaw, who was brought in as an advisor by Chris Webb stated, "I have nothing to do with anything that he's talking about. I wasn't involved in any of it. What he's saying is insanity. I was there to help Chris out operationally." Johnathan Blue told we are not the backer of Chris Webb, we were the funding facilitator. To this point we've received $78,000 from the PPV but I've received over seven figures from the venue." Finkel said Watley's accusations are stemming because he needed to borrow some money and he went beserk on some things. Click here to see what else Finkel had to say.

Finkel told that he and Watley are not partners with regards to Mike Tyson. Although he refused to fax the agreement, he told he would read the relevant section of it to us.

"To refute Ted Watley's claim about the two of us being partners, I am reading to you from an agreement between Ted Watley and myself dated August 3, 2004. Number four, miscellaneous.

"This agreement shall be governed by the State of New York applicable to contracts made and wholly performed therein. Nothing in this agreement shall create or constitute a relationship or partnership, joint venture, agency or employment between any party hereto or any other party."

GL: What agreement is that from?

Shelly Finkel: "This is from an agreement between Ted Watley and I to pay Ted certain fees for things that he has done for me and for Mike."

GL: And what's the reason he brought in to do these things?

SF: "Ted Watley used to work for Don King. He had certain footage he claims would exonerate Mike from the Desiree Washington thing. It's never been done, but I thought as an older gentleman who might be able to relate to Mike on certain levels, I thought he would be like a father figure/big brother to Mike and I thought it was valuable. It's obviously turned out, this is the way it works in the music business and others, you bring someone in and they try to turn against you."

GL: So other than serving as father figure, there's no other reason you brought him in?

SF: "No. And he had been borrowing money from me to live. And number two of this says that I have lent him approximately $105,000 as of the date of his contract. He now wanted another $200,000 because he was moving and he didn't have the money and I was reluctant to do that. That's what drove him crazy."

Finkel also made it clear that Watley will be sued for making these false allegations against him.


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