Final ShoBox Quotables


Final ShoBox Quotables

PRESS RELEASE: One night before Paulie “Magic Man” Malignaggi defends his IBF junior welterweight title against top-ranked Herman Ngoudjo on Showtime Championship Boxing, undefeated, world-ranked Anthony and  Lamont Peterson will be co-featured in 10-round bouts on ShoBox: The New Generation Friday, Jan. 4, 2008, on Showtime (11 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the west coast).

Lamont (23-0, 11 KOs)will face fellow unbeaten junior welter Antonio Mesquita (34-0, 27 KOs), a Brazilian now residing in Las Vegas.

Anthony (25-0, 18 KOs), a lightweight, will meet Jose Antonio Izquierdo (16-1-1, 13 KOs) of Chihuahua, Mexico, by way of Pinar Del Rio, Cuba. Izquierdo, who easily defeated Nick Casal in his last ShoBox appearance, is a replacement for Guadalupe Rosales, who withdrew due to illness.

NOTE: THURSDAY’S WEIGHTS – Lamont Peterson 142¾ pounds, Mesquita 142¾ pounds, Anthony Peterson 135¾ pounds, Izquierdo 135¾ pounds.

“On paper, this looks to be my toughest fight, but that remains to be seen. I know Mesquita has a very strong right hand that he throws in different ways, so that is something I want to take away or at least smother and neutralize. If I can shrink his range, which I plan to do, I will nullify it entirely.

“No way, he will outspeed me. But there is no way I will look past him either. There is too much at stake in every fight I have now to underestimate any opponent. People look at me as a boxer and Anthony as a puncher, but I am willing to mix if I have to.

“This is going to be a great fight between two undefeated fighters. One “O” has to go, but I have prepared very well and am confident it will not be mine.’’

“I have a violent, third-world country style and you will see that. I look to engage and knock your head off. You hit me, I hit you back 10 times. I never watch tapes of my opponents, but I know Peterson has a lot of movement. I don’t think this will be my toughest fight. I am bigger and stronger than he is. 

“All fights are very important, but this one, being  on  Showtime  against a well-known, up and coming fighter is special and a great opportunity for me. I’ve had a couple major fights scheduled, but they always fell through. I am excited that this fight is a go.’’

“Fighting a guy on short notice doesn’t really change anything other than I may be a little more patient early on before I break him down when we hit the stretch. At some point, he is going to have to fight and show me what he’s all about.

“What he does or doesn’t do is not something I am concerned with. He is going to have to deal with me.

“I feel great and am excited about fighting again on SHOWTIME. I think you’ll see that I am more than just a puncher and that I have the entire arsenal.

“I respect all my opponents, but I am coming to dominate and put on a good show.’’

“I had a fight cancelled in early December but I never stopped training. Then, I thought I might be fighting on another card this week, but that was never 100 percent so when this opportunity came up, I took it.

“I have never seen Anthony Peterson but I am ready to fight and am very confident. A victory over a highly ranked fighter will get me right back on track.

“I don’t think people expected me to beat Casal, but I dominated him. I am ready to do whatever I have to do to win this fight, whether it means box, brawl or do both. I am really looking forward to Friday night.’’