Fernando Vargas: One More For Pride

By Darren Nichols


Fernando Vargas: One More For Pride

Boxingtalk caught up with former two time junior middleweight champion Fernando Vargas moments before his heated press conference with Ricardo Mayorga. You don't want to miss what Vargas had to say and what boxing fans can look forward to in his last fight.

Q: What was the most you weighed?

FV: "264. You have to understand, my body was so tired of losing weight, at one point in time I was up to 264 pounds, but don't tell anyone else. My body was so tired from going up and down like a yo-yo and I broke loose for a while eating and drinking, and drinking and eating. Now I love what I do, I love working out. I'm putting good work in with my strength coach Robert Ferguson. For my health I'm very blessed. I don't know why they like to see me on TV, but evidently they do and I'm getting these movie roles, so I signed with Jack Gilardi and ICM. I just finished a movie with Tom Berrenger. I get killed at an altercation over dinner. These guys are suited up mafia guys they come in shooting up the place and I'm the last one to go."

Q: What has the response been from your role in Alpha Dog?

FV: "The fans loved it, they loved my role and they're buying the DVD's just because I'm on it."

Q: Do you think looking back that you should have fought your last few fights at middleweight?

FV: Definitely. I would have, but once your locked down. I've been dead and I made weight. When I fought Winky Wright for a week straight, people don't know that, for a week straight, I didn't eat anything. This was old school Mexican stuff. I was eating nothing and exercising more. I was eating nothing but hard boiled egg whites one time a day. I was getting so hungry, I was running in sweat suits, I was seeing white spots and I was going to bed with NyQuil. That's how I made the weight. Once I made the weight, I ate spagetti and soda and people couldn't believe I'd eat that and throw hundreds of punches. I was tired in the first round of the Winky Wright, but anytime I had to make the weight I made it because they wouldn't fight me at any other weight."

Q: Why Mayorga?

FV: "Mayorga said I was scared of him. When I fought Castillejo they stripped him and the title was up for grabs between Mayorga and Piccirillo and that just going to show you how corrupt boxing is. Jose Sulaiman, being a Mexican, and me wanting that belt and it being my dream belt because my idol Julio Cesar Chavez had it. They took that title and they gave it to Mayorga and then he starts saying that I'm scared of him. Mayorga is a stupid fighter and he's never been a smart fighter. You guys are going to see what you saw agaisnt Ike Quartey and you'll see some of the defense that I got from Danny and with this being my last fight I'm going back to the essence with Eduardo Garcia."

Q: Two of the bigger names that you've fought Trinidad and De La Hoya have both knocked Mayorga out. Do you feel you have to knock him out as well?

FV: "I think with the fight happening at 162 the fight isn't going to happen at 154 so I'm going to out there and box. Mayorga is a stupid fighter so I'm going to box and punch when I have to. When there's opening and I see them I take advantage of them and that's what I plan on doing for this fight. I'm going to take advantage of all of them."

Q: Is this going to be your last fight?

FV: Yes.

Q: No matter what?

FV: "No matter what. I have a lot of money and I'm set financially so I'm secure for life. That's a thanks to my business manager and FVP, Fernando Vargas Promotions who will co-promote this event."

Q: If you have 20,000 fans cheering for you after a great night how do you walk away?

FV: "When is it going to be enough then? I fight for Pride and that's why I say it's going to be one fight. My fans are going to be able to come see me in LA in my back yard and they're going to be able to see me ride off into the sunset happy."

Q: Do you want to promote fighters?

FV: "Absolutely. We're in the process of obtaining our license. My promise to the fighters under our company is I will give you all of the money that is yours. I know how it is, you have to constantly be paying other companies money that is rightfully mine. But PPV buys don't lie, so we're going to back to make sure we get every cent that's due."