Far From Done With "Pathetic" Pedro Fernandez

By Jin Mosley


Far From Done With "Pathetic" Pedro Fernandez


It's now obvious that Pedro is obsessed with me. In article one he rants and raves on how the media gave unjust attention to Yoko ono. How they should have stayed on the topic of the true star, John Lennon. But here Pedro has written about me in 3 seperate articles in less than a weeks time, in totally unrelated topics. And once again he is writing from pure emotion, lacking an ounce of truth.  I was going to ignore his reply because I knew that this is exactly what the "lil wash woman loves." But seeing that he can't stop talking about me I am going to make some time to reply to his false accusations.

In article 2 he states before Shane/Winky 1, I was at a restaurant demanding service. He should actually do research before writing such rubbish. I never, ever have time to eat before any of Shane's fights. I don't know of many wives, that while their husband's are in the locker room ready to fight.... are down in a 5 star eatery, ordering appetizer's.

Records will show that at 4pm on the said evening I was at Paul Mitchell salon which is on the lower level floor at Mandalay Bay.

So much for that "STORY" Pedro. According to you the FBI should have raided Top Rank 7,000 times.

In case you haven't noticed, stories like these have made you the laughing stock of the boxing world.

As far as you saying to stay out of boxing and tend to my family.DUHHHHHHHHHHH that's exactly what I am doing. Shane is my family and boxing is what supports my family.

Why don't "YOU" stay out of boxing?

I am sure you can get a job "reporting for page sixx." or another Gossip column.

Not much of what you print is fact.

Mostly because people don't really respect you as a writer therefore they rather do an interview with someone else. Most times when I see you in the press room you are usually by yourself or on the computer writing about hearsay, or irritating somebody about how much you know about this and that. I wish for once you could see how many people walk away from you rolling their eyes.

Also EINSTEIN, while your fraudulent ass is tallying up Shane's record since we've been together don't forget to mention how he beat Oscar (the first time) in 2000, then went on to stop Antonio Diaz, after that he TKO'd Shannon Taylor  and went on to lay Adrian Stone out. Someone should demand that you check your facts before conjuring up such jibberish. You are evidently a lazy lazy writer who at no times ever ever ever looks for accurate information.
In article 3...... You and Kevin should be proud to know that you are both at the top of "THE BAN" list. So now you have something in common. Go and bond about that.

I am getting really tired of doing your homework for you. Let's look back on the writers who picked Oscar over Shane. Dan Rafael did, Steve Springer did, Bob Papa did, Joe Tessitore did, Al Bernstein did,  and Rich Marotta did. Yet they are all still granted access to interviews.

So wouldn't your theory on why Kevin Iole is on ban list be incorrect?

Further evaluation would have shown that Kevin Iole knows and has known since before the Oscar rematch,  that Shane would rather not interview with him. So NO he is not the latest to be added.  He was actually second, right after you.

The reason being is because he is Bob Arum's puppet. Shane could walk passed Kevin and say "Hey great weather we're having" And the next day Iole would report that Oscar is better than Shane and that Shane should have taken the $100 million dollars they were offering him.

It's all bogus. You can tell the who's who of writers. Usually the ones who write for major publications are pretty much "honest" reporters. I can talk to Springer and Rafael openly and off the record without having to worry about them adlibbing. They don't always favor Shane, nor do they pretend to while in his face. I respect them as writers and often times I may call them to get their opinion on a matter because I honor their professional opinion.

They can seperate emotions from accuracy unlike the "jaded" Pedro Fernandez. 

As far as Boxingtalk goes, would'nt you have to admit, as much as you despise and hate the site or G.Leon that it is pretty remarkable how accurate and "inside" their information is?

Even I at times am blown away at the rapidness of updates. I have to admit that in the beginning I hated Greg. In fact, twice I had our numbers changed due to his aggressive borderline "stalking" behavior.

I started to see that what I thought was stalking was really research on Greg's part. I then learned to respect that. He may call at an obscene hour, but at least it's to confirm a "story " he has heard through the grapevine. Instead of blasting it all over the internet he goes right to the source to see if there is validity before he goes with it.

As annoying as it can be, that my friend is a reporter. Maybe you could learn a thing or two from him. Isn't it evident through all of his connections Pedro? How many fighter's home numbers do you have?

You can hate Btalk all you want and criticize them for posting my replies but underneath your "devotion" to the competitors, you have to admit they are on top of their game. But you won't, because that is exactly the trait you lack. Instead of giving props you hate.

That is exactly what got you on the "BAN" list. Greg has learned the art of networking. I will continue to throw him tidbits of info that he in turn releases to the public, I will continue to bring him the great contests and give away's and he in turn will give me an outlet to enlighten the public with behind the scene's "legitimate" events, or in this case to defend myself.

This is a business. Not a friendship. Learn the difference. 

Now for the Boxingtalk fans..... I will be holding a contest similiar to the last one. It will be a two part contest. To be eligible for the final prize you have to enter both. The final prize will be....

-2 ringside tickets to Shane/Winky 2,
- Hotel accomodations from Fri 19th- Sun 21st.
-2 Credentials to access weigh-in, all press conferences ext.
-2 Official team Mosley Sweat suits
- Autographed gloves and pic
-Dinner with the Mosley's

The first part of the contest is to send me AKA's for Pedro Fernandez and Steve Kim. While they are calling me Yoko Ono, I want you the fans to come up with even better ones on them. I have some in mind but my attorney has begged me not to reveal them since I have gotten a bit of heat on my article addressing Kim so if one of you comes up with it then I'm Okay.

Remember to be efficient and look at their pics to help your imagination even better.

Anyone and everyone should enter a name. As long as you enter something your name will go onto a list making you eligible for the grand prize.

The person who's final AKA name we pick will recieve a phone call from Shane himself, or if in the area will be allowed to come into his ultra -private training gym and watch him work-out for a half an hour and also recieve a Sugar Shane Mosley t-shirt. Good Luck to all.

Note: Winner WILL BE Responsible For His Travel To Las Vegas.

P.S Thank you Jeff Young for your article. It helps to have someone else decipher why I am coming on record. You are soooo right when you say I have finally had enough. I have sat back for a long time and watched these writer's chew a fighter up. Not just Shane but many many other's. It sickens me to watch them smile up in a fighter's face then turn around and write lies. Look at the commentator on Sat night. Didn't say shit about Roy until he left. They have always gotten away with it because noone has made a big deal but trust me Shane isn't the only one seeing what's going on. As time goes on,  you'll see more of them marking off who they'll speak to.