FREE T.N.T. Chat Trascript: Glen Johnson

Original Chat Session on February 24, 2005


FREE T.N.T. Chat Trascript: Glen Johnson

"...all he has to do is call me name and we can fight at light heavyweigt!"

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Glen Johnson to tonight's TNT chat session

jaz: Glen, Congratulations on your victories over Jones and Tarver.  I thought the Tarver fight was close... were you confident that you were going to get the decision?

GLEN_JOHNSON: No. You never confident about decisions. You have judges and each individual likes different things so you never know what is what. Every time I go to a decision I'm always holding my breath.

NYC183: glen i hope you knockoput taver again peace

NYC183: my bad, this time

GLEN_JOHNSON: Thanks man. I didn't knock him out yet, so it won't happen again. But I'm working to make sure it happens the next time we see each other.

AKay: hey glenn congrats once again on being the LHW champ! How does it feel to be considered the champ even though you dont have a sanctioning bodies belt? Everyone knows your the champ except the alphabet orgs do you think more boxers will follow your lead and make the peoples fights and be the peoples champs rather then fight for belts?

GLEN_JOHNSON: I'm the champ because I've beaten all of the people who were on top. I'm the peoples champ and I do have a IBO belt so I have one sanctioning bodies belt.

GLEN_JOHNSON: And I also have the Ring Magazine belt which is the most prestigious belt.

chrisglover: Hello Glenn. What will you do if you lose the rematch to Tarver?

GLEN_JOHNSON: I'm not even thinking that. I'm not thinking about losing. I'm just thinking about beating Tarver again and then see what's on the schedule. I'm going to take care of Tarver and see if we can set something up with Hopkins.

GLEN_JOHNSON: He's been talking so we'll see if we could set something up.

elferoz: Glen you talked to me ont he phone last time  what do think bout  hops prefprmence last saturday night  and  who you like in the rhamn klitscko fight

GLEN_JOHNSON: Actually, Bernard took his time with Eastman. Eastman wasn't threatening Bernard and he allowed him to move around the ring at will. The fight wasn't being brought to Bernard and Bernard got it done the safe way. That's a good heavyweight fight, either guy could win. I go with Rahman because I believe Klitschko's heart is weak.

GLEN_JOHNSON: And Rahman could punch.

GLEN_JOHNSON: Rahman needs to fight Klitschko the same way he fought Meehan. He needs that intensity and I think he'll stop Klitschko.

Philip: Glen, first of all, let me thank you for giving me on of the best moment last year by knocking out Roy Jones. What was that was hard in the Hopkins fight that lead you to a lose?

GLEN_JOHNSON: The Hopkins fight was lack of experience. I didn't have the experience or skills then. I know my body now and I know myself a lot better. It would be a different fight and I have good understanding of what I need to do in the ring.

DanJudah: When you defeated Roy Jones, what was your fightplan going in to the match? Did you sense any weaknesses from Jones in the ring that your were able to capitalize on? And lastly, who would you rate as the toughest opponent you have faced in your career?

GLEN_JOHNSON: The toughest opponent I've faced is Bernard Hopkins. He won the most rounds from me and he won them all. Nobody else has been able to do that to me. Beating Roy Jones is a great moment for me because the world was watching and it put me in the spotlight.

GLEN_JOHNSON: The weakness that I felt was what I already knew from watching him over the years.

GLEN_JOHNSON: I knew that for a while and it was just proven to me when we got in the ring.

DrTrouble: Glen, have you started training yet and what, if anything, are you going to do differently from a tactical standpoint in this rematch with Tarver??

GLEN_JOHNSON: I'm not training for Tarver right now, I'm just shaking off rust so when we get our exact date I won't be rusty. I display my tactics on the night of the fight. The plan will unfold right in front of your eyes when you watch it on TV.

uppercut: Is there any truth that Bernard Hopkins will move up to fight you? Would you be willing to move down a couple of pounds to face him?

GLEN_JOHNSON: I'm not able to move down any pounds. I'm 175 and if the Bernard Hopkins fight happened he'd have to move all the way up. If he can't do that the fight won't happen, but if he can do that all he has to do is call me name and we can fight at light heavyweigt.

RavenWarrior: I saw you on FNF for the Cherry-Quiles fight. You seem to see exactly what was going on in the ring. Any chance you might do some TV work in the future?

GLEN_JOHNSON: I'd love to do the TV work. As long it's about making money I'm with it. You know us Jamaican's like to have three or four jobs.

goussen: Glen, from what I know you are from the Pembroke Pines area. Is there any way you can send a shout out to the Hollywood, FL area. Thank you for your time.
goussen: sorry man

GLEN_JOHNSON: I send a shout out right now to all the Miami, Pembroke Pines and the whole south Florida area, big-up

#1rasta: Big ups to ya Glen...Hopkins says he's looking to possibly face you think he really wants to...or is he just bluffing?

GLEN_JOHNSON: I hope he's not bluffing because getting that fight would mean a lot to me. I'm looking forward to a second chance from him. I hope he’s not just talking and he's serious about that.

Method: Glen, aside form the obvious size advantage you'd have over Hopkins at Lt. Heavy, why would a fight be any different?  You are still a pressure fighter i.e. Jirov vs. Toney.  Theoretically, couldn't Hopkins just outbox youand pick you off?  How would you fight him differently

GLEN_JOHNSON: There's plenty of chances to pick me off but not right now and I 'm more expeirenced and the quality of my fighting is more improved now. EVerybody wants to see if he could repeat or I could get revenge.

DanJudah: Glen, what are your plans after the Tarver rematch…if it happens that is?

DanJudah: And if it doesn't happen, who do you look to instead cause you know Hopkins ain't moving up to 175

GLEN_JOHNSON: Well, the sky is the limit. I'm looking at Hopkins rematch a rematch maybe with Roy Jones Jr. if he comes out of retirement. I hope he puts the mic down and puts the gloves on. Whatever unfolds I'm ready but right now I'm just focused on this rematch with Tarver

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Glen Johnson for taking time to chat with us tonight

GLEN_JOHNSON: Be good Boxingtalk