FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcripts: Marco Antonio Barrera

Original chat session March 29, 2005


FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcripts: Marco Antonio Barrera

"We're going to go out there looking to put on a spectacular performance."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Marco Antonio Barrera to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

achilles: how far do you run and how many times a week? whats your favourite part of training? would you REALLY give Morales a 4th fight and Marquez too? how many years left in boxing for you?

MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: Six days a week for running. I begin with 55 minutes and I reduece that to 36 minutes when it's closer to the fight. My favorite part is the running. First I have to get through April 9 and then we could think of that fight with Morales.

True_KO: Marco do you see a fight with Rafael or Juan Marquez in the future?

MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: There's a lot of names being mentioned and there's always a possibility. Right now I want to concentrate on the only name going through my mind and that's Mzonke Fana.

peteypablo: Marco, 2 part question. good luck for Fana will it be easy making weight? and Kostya vs Oscar at 147? thanks good luck mate

MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: Yes I do think the weight will be easy for me. Wow that's a great fight, but I have to go with the boss, Oscar De La Hoya. What if he kicks me out of the cabin?

Hit-R-B-Hit: Barrera, props to you, your a true warrior. What fighter that you have faced has the hardest punch?

MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: Thank you very much. I think Kennedy McKinney would be the hardest puncher.

Pastor_Method: Marco, firstly, youÕre a true warrior and one of the reasons I still love boxing despite all the controversy in it today.  What are the chances of you going back down to 126? How do you think your fight with Fana will play out?

MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: Thank you very much. Right now the intention is to stay at 130. We won a title that caused us a lot of difficulty so we would like to maintain it for a while. It has to be a fight that has to be pleasurable to the fans. We're going to go out there looking to put on a spectacular performance.



ringsidemike: Marco, thanks for joining us champ, you are a warrior and thank you for helping to put the lighter weights on our televisions.  What do you say to critics that you are taking on an unknown and undeserving opponent?  Any thoughts on Anchondo vs Barrios?

MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: Thank you very much and it is because of you the fans that I exist. Well, what can I say? The WBC is an organization of a lot of integrity in the sport.They've had very good champions and if they have him at number one it's for a reason.

Midastongue: Marco, Have you ever sparred with Edwin Valero? Do you think the Prince can come back?

MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: Never sparred with Valero. I would love to know where Prince Hamed is because I think that's a fight that fans would love a second fight.

Titlebelt: Marco, Who do you favor in the Middleweight fight between Winky Wright" and Felix Trinidad?   Also which of your opponents had the quickest hands?"

MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: As a spectator, I have a real good friendship with Winky Wright and we'll be there supporting him. It's a very good fight, a real good fight and as fans, all of us will come out happy, we're going to be the real winners.

rlite23: First off congratualtions over win against Morales back in November. Who was the toughest fighter you ever faced? Also will you ever fight in Chicago? There is a great Mexican population here. Gracias!

MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: Thank you very much. Kennedy McKinney, I'd love to fight in Chicago. Barrera usted prefiere pelear con Manny paquiao o con erik morales otraves? Te gusteria pelear con Joel Casamayor el es un peleador excellente?
achilles: lmao

AKay: he asked if barrera would prefer pacman or morales

AKay: and if he would entertain a fight vs casamayor

MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: Looking for a second fight with Manny Pacquiao would be difficult, because if I fight him and beat him people will say Morales left him ready for me. And Casamayor is too big, he just moved up to lightweight and I don't think he can make the 130 pounds any more.

chris: marco first off i just want to say that you are my favorite fighter of all time and this truly is a the many fights you think you have left in you, and do you ever see yourself moving up to 135 to fight corrales or castillo??

MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: Wow, thank you very much. I think 130 will be it, maybe six or seven more fights maximum.



bob: Yes marco I was wondering if u have  a sleep before a big fight and what u eat

MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: I think it's one of the days that I sleep the best. I eat a little bit of everything, pasta, steak and a lot of liquid.

Reg_One: Marco, respect for joining us this evening. Were the reyes gloves an issue for Pac?

MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: No I don't think so. There could be some issues with him not being comfortable with them, but not enough to decide a victory or loss in a fight. Morales won the fight clearly.

MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: The gloves were uncomfortable to me too but not enough to decide the outcome of the fight.


MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: April 9, the number one rated mandatory from the WBC. Through the years I've learned that every opponent could be difficult. These guys are more dangerous because you don't know much of them.

MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: I mean, who was Pacquiao before he fought me.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Marco Antonio Barrera for taking time to chat with us tonight

MARCO_ANTONIO_BARRERA: Thank you for having me.