FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Winky Wright

Original Chat Session on January 26, 2005


FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Winky Wright

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome undisputed middleweight king Winky Wright to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

nardfan: Winky,whats up dawg? Are you and Hopkins cool and if so will you call him for advice on how to fight Tito?Against Mosley you seemed to tire down the stretch,but I know you know that cant happen against tito

WINKY_WRIGHT: We're cool, but naw, I wouldn't call him for advice on Tito because he's right handed and I'm southpaw.

Method: Wink, VERY CURIOUS to hear your response to the reports that King got you to sign for the Trinidad fight by guranteeing you a shot at Hopkins next.  You ARE aware that Don NO longer promotes Hopkins, furthermore...a fight between Hopkins and Trinidad is bigger than a fight between you and Hopkins, and if King couldn't make THAT fight for Trinidad, how did he convince you that he could guarantee YOU a shot at Hopkins...

Method: Something just does not make sense in all of this, and I am curious to hear your comments.  Thanks for hanging with the best fans on the net.  Best of luck in your endeavors.

WINKY_WRIGHT:  Those reports about me getting Hopkins next is false. The fight got done because me and Tito wanted it.

WINKY_WRIGHT: It took some bargaining but we got it done.

timon184: How is people comparing Vargas power with Trinidads if Trinidad knocked him down 2 times in the first and finished the poor kid in the 12 by ko ?

WINKY_WRIGHT: I think that Tito is a much harder puncher than Vargas without having fought Tito yet.

WinkyFan: winky,im a huge fan ever since i saw your fight against vargas and its an honor to watch you fight like a warrior, first queston is there a rematch clause in the tito fight, and where can i get an autograph from you

WINKY_WRIGHT: There is a rematch clause for the Trinidad fight. Give me a few minutes, I'll be setting up my own website and then I'll be able to give autographs to all the fans who have been behind  me.

attyg3: Winky, have u ever faced anybody with the power of Tito Trinidad? Do u feel that you will have to be more elusive in this fight to stay away from his power, and what's next for u, win or lose? Thanks for coming to your senses and taking on tito

WINKY_WRIGHT: First of all, I've never faceds Tito so I don't know how hard he hits. I know he's a great puncher but I want to see how hard he hits when I'm throwing them right back at em and blocking most of them. Then there's going to be an immediate rematch because he deserves it just like Shane did for stepping up to the plate and giving me the opportunity.

timon184: All I want to know is how u going to handle Trinidad's AGGRESSION?

WINKY_WRIGHT: He may press me but I'm going to press him. We're going to see who gets hit the most. I don't get hit a lot but I think we're going to see if Trinidad likes getting hit a lot.

achilles: u gt 2 let ur punches off & move, dnt stand in front of tito for 2 lng, dnt trade & kp ur right hnd pinned 2 ur cheek 2 stop left hook. hw mny miles do you run & hw mny times a week? wots ur fave punch? wot do u enjoy most in trainin? bag, sparring?

WINKY_WRIGHT: I run five miles five days a week. My jab is my fav punch. I enjoying sparring the most.

Reg__One: Ronald, first off respect on you handling of Shane Moseley, you handled him like Mr.Mayogee handled Danielson'. 2005 could be your best year financially and notoriety wise, how many big fights do you want if you get passed Trinidad? God Bless you brotha!

WINKY_WRIGHT: I want as many big fights as could make. Thanks for the remarks. I got a hitlist and it had four fighters on it. I got three left. There's Tito, Oscar and Benrard. It don't get no bigger than that do it?

SNIPER: hey winky will you and vargas ever do it again ? and if you do do you think you can beat him without controversy?

WINKY_WRIGHT: I don't think me and Vargas will do it again just because what goes around comes around. He didn't want to give me the rematch when he should have. You do unto others as you want them to do unto you, but if somebody comes with a lot of crazy money, MAYBE


WINKY_WRIGHT: I always told everybody I wanted to fight the best. I got 51 fights and I'm trying to fight the best. I'm only looking for fights that's going to put me in the hall of fame.

Kijis_Konar: Hello, champ! Nice to talk to you! Did you see any difference in the Tito that stopped Vargas and Joppy and the Tito who brutalized Mayorga after a two yr. layoff? Any things you, as a boxer, spotted? Good luck, and Tampa Bay is proud of you!

WINKY_WRIGHT: I think he looked better. I think he brutalized Mayorga and he looked great. I'm happy he came back and looked so good because now there's no excuses for when I fight him. I think he's a better boxer now, he looked really good.

Reveroth: ( nice to meet you champ ^_^) How do intent to out box tito and naturalice tito's power?

WINKY_WRIGHT: Tune in on May 14 and see for yourself.

Ant_from_Philly: Winky... are you going to use more lateral movement against Trinidad? We've seen him hurt people through the gloves. Also what other fights do you want and what is your timeline for those and after? Thanks for your attention and good luck versus Trinidad!

WINKY_WRIGHT: I can't compare me to other people. I'm coming to fight, tune in on May 14 and you'll see what I do. I'm going to have to do the rematch, but after I beat Tito twice, I'm looking for the biggest fights out there.

Madstallion: Winky... are you going to knock out Trinidad???.. what's ur gameplan for defeating the very powerful tito trinidad? and i disagree.. it's been proven that vargas has the strongest right hand in the 154 division

WINKY_WRIGHT: How do you know he's the hardest puncher at 154 when Trinidad knocked him out. Vargas competition, he never knocked out ONE good fighter. I'm not saying I'm knocking Tito out, but I'm going to win the fight.

southpaw#1: wink lets say u win those three fights u want would u ever consider moving up in weight

WINKY_WRIGHT: I am moving up in weight for this fight. I've considered moving up again, but it has to be the right fight.I'm fighting at middleweight right now.

WinkyFan: winky, where will thefight be held, what can we do to secure an internship at your label, hope you keep fighting and stay in shape, i will always support you and buy your ppv's, good luck and beat tito!

WINKY_WRIGHT: The fight will probably happen in MGM from what I hear. You're going to have to wait till these last couple of fights are over with before I get back on that receord label.

BernieSwingFromOtown: Winky when you dropped your hands vs Mosley was that inspired by Mayorga when he did it vs Forrest and Tito?  Do other boxers give you big props for that unlike commentators?

WINKY_WRIGHT: Naw, I did that because Shane hit me behind the head and thought he hurt me. In the clinch I told him didn;t do nothing, he said yeah right, so I put my hands down and told him to take his best shot. And I wasn't tight like Mayorga was

WINKY_WRIGHT: I was loose and I still took the shots.

WINKY_WRIGHT: You won't see none of that with Tito though.

awesomeald: whats it like to be a star, are you ready for the limelight, you fought all comers and now your fighting a legend, its almost like in a video game where you work your way up to through the ranks and then you fight a hard opponet and win, and now this is your carrear defining fight, how are you going to handle the pressure and the hype of such a fight thats this big ! sorry if i lost you with the analogy

WINKY_WRIGHT: It do feel like a video game, lol

WINKY_WRIGHT: for me it's just another fight that I gotta win

WINKY_WRIGHT: We're both great fighters and I'm sure we're both going to be preparing hard for this fight.

Freeball: Winky will you ever fight Travis Simms


koking: Winky, God Bless you against Tito. I know you can win. Tell Dan, Mario said Hello. I'm Echols friend who you see at his bouts. And Mr. Greg Leon I need you to contact me. I was referred to you by Ron Heard regarding doing some business.


kayoking: Hey Winky do you think you'll ever fight Hopkins or do you think he'll retire before you get a shot at him?

WINKY_WRIGHT: I hope I get my chance to fight him because he's a legend and what he's doing is almost unheard of. I'm hoping we get a chance to make that fight.

dESI: WHats poppin Winky, the 2 fighters to give Tito major problems were Hopkins and Delahoya with their stick and move styles, you however have a come forward straight infront of you style, what makes you think your style works?

WINKY_WRIGHT: I thinkI'm the type of fighter who can make any style work, whatever I need to do to win, I'm going to do it.

clint: hey winky, do yuo think titos new found head movement will leave you open at all when you through the jab (unlike recent mosley)  Good luck champ

WINKY_WRIGHT: No. Not me, I feel that his head movement will be good. It won't give me any problems I've fought a lot slicker boxers than this.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Winky Wright for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us tonight