FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Wayne Braithwaite

Original chat session on April 5, 2005


FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Wayne Braithwaite

"The next time we fight I will be my own judges and referee."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Wayne Braithwaite to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

Athabascan_Asassin_: Whats up Wayne? I was pulling for u last saturday! dont lay on the ropes!Whats your next move and are u friends with IKE QUARTEY? and do u know Danny Lee from Arctic Village, Alaska?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I know Ike Quartey. Next time I fight I'm not going to be staying on the ropes. I'm not going to be doing that. Next fight is going to be no decision

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I will be the king of the cruiserweight. Everyone say I should go to light heavyweight, but I'm hard headed so I'm not going anywhere.

Titlebelt: Wayne, In this month's Ring Extra, there's some really good advice and tips on handling and getting over a loss.  How do you plan to plan to accept defeat and move on?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I fought the wrong fight, that's all that happened.

nardfan: Wayne,keep your head up playa.You are the 1st fighter in a while not to make any excuses after a loss.I commend you for that.Your mom is a soldier dawg.Good Luck

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I take my defeat like a man and I'm not pointing no finger. I lost and he was the better man that night. I fought the wrong fight. I know what I need to do to get myself together so I'll be on top again

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Thanks man. I appreciate your comment. Thanks a lot.

CoryR: Hey Wayne, great effort man, nothing to be ashamed of.  I think that it's obvious your next move is a Virgil Hill fight.  Not that I think you need virgil, it's just he needs some work playa.

CoryR: i think he called you out once

CoryR: you gonna take that?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Right now I don't know what my next move. I'm just relaxing and getting my head together. I will leave that up to Don and I think he and my mother will make the right decision with me,

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Right now I'm enjoying the time off before I get right back in the mix of things.

KYLE_THEEE_SPINKS_FAN: Wayne you showed great heart saturday in going the distance.  How hard was it dealing with the pressure of Mormeck and was it what u expected? Thanks champ.

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I was expecting the pressure. I knew he was strong, I didn't know he was so physically strong. I give him all the respect because it takes someone great to beat me. He was the better man that night but he should enjoy the moment. Because when we fight again things will be different.

Wansen: Wayne, many of us were surprised that you came in so light....what weight do you walk around at?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I walk around 185-190, I never have a problem making the cruiserweight. It's very hard for me to make 200 pounds.

ralphie: Wayne do you see yourself moving up in weight?If yes, who would you like to fight?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: No way. I'm not moving up to heavyweight. I want to be the man at cruiserweight. Right now Mormeck is the king and I give him all the props. But in the rematch you're going to see a whole different person.

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I got to get a nutritionist and a strength trainer. I never had one, but now it's time.

dan19148: (sorry if already asked) Great fight with Mormeck!!!   Whats next, what plans for 2005?   Also got a chance to chat with Colin once when visiting Gleanson's, really nice guy.

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I want to come right back with the rematch and I would love to fight him France if that's what he wants. I would love to knock him out in his home country. The next time we fight I will be my own judges and referee.

Athabascan_Asassin_: wayne what do  u plan to do next?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Right now I’m resting and I'll be back in the gym soon. We're going back to the drawing board. Next time I fight people are going to see a meaner Big Truck who is going to be there to take care of business.

Titlebelt: Wayne with Mormeck winning, and you not moving to Lt. Heavy or Heavy, a rematch is your only option that makes sense.  Mormeck is your future, do you agree?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: yes he is my future option

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: And like I said the rematch will be different.

nardfan: Yo Wayne,do you think you will get a more seasoned trainer anytime soon?Did that hit that knocked you down land behind your ear?That was a great effort dawg!A strength trainer will serve you well Wayne.

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Well, you know I’m already looking at some trainers right now. I've had a couple call me already, I'm not saying no names or anything, but they already called me. They say they believe my ability but they could help with more stuff.

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: It was behind my head, I think it was behind the head. I think the referee did a job like an amateur. He wasn't letting me hold.

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: James Toney needs that guy


Wansen: Just wanted to say that I thought you displayed ALL the heart of a champion, Very classy in your praise of Mormeck, no excuses...etc.   I, for one, have no doubt you'll have a belt again soon....

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Thanks for  your support., I will be a champion again. And it's going to be sooner than some peeps think

ralphie: Wayne,who do you think will win  the fight in May, Kirk Johnson or Boswell?Do you see Johnson winning a belt?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I don't even know who they are.

dan19148: Who impresses you at this time?  Cruiserweight or any other.   Who do you think would make another great battle with you at this time besides Mormeck?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: There's a couple of them who impress me. Trinidad, Hopkins, Johnson, Mayweather.

Athabascan_Asassin_: wayne! what belts do u want now?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: There's a couple of tough fights out there for me. I would fight Steve Cunningham, Jirov or any of the rest of them. They would be all be great fights for me because you would be seeing a knockout.

Titlebelt: Wayne, who wins between Trinidad and Wright?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Trinidad. but I think it's going to be  a good fight

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Trinidad could fight and Winky could box, so it's going to be a good fight.

nardfan: Big Truck,who did you watch growing up and were you good at any other sports?How long do you see yourself boxing?I think you should have stayed orthadox more.

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Growing up in Guyana, I never learned about boxing or watched it. The first fight I saw was Terrence Ali and Ramirez.

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I used to play cricket and soccer.

Wansen: Wayne, if you walk around at close to 185, have you ever thought about a move to Lt. Heavy?  (Might be better money and definately, a higher profile division).

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I think about moving down to light heavyweight, but right now I'm still thinking about being the cruiserweight king because I'm hard headed. Right now I want to get my victory over Mormeck back and then we'll talk about light heavyweight,

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I'm very hard headed, but I will get back my victory.

dan19148: With all the belts do you feel any are more preferable than the others?  If you could have any belt which would it be the Ring Belt or IBF, WBO, etc?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: I think the WBC is the best one.

Athabascan_Asassin_: how many meals a day u eat and what do u eat?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: two meals, sometimes one. I'm not a big eater.

Athabascan_Asassin_: during training?

dan19148: Who do you feel is the best boxer at Gleason's at this time? (btw stay at Cruiserweight, reign and clear it out :) Thanks and best wishes!




dan19148: what about hillary swank?

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: acting and boxing are two different things.


awesomeald: what happened saturday night.....was he just the better man that night


WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: but the rematch will be different.

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: You musta just got here

nardfan: Wayne,just stay up and train hard you'll be back!You have to answer this one J-Lo,Beyonce or Anita Baker

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Both of them could be mine at the same time and I'll be fine.

Wansen: Thanks for taking the time out to chat with us Wayne

boxerjimm: good luck champ!

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: thanks for your support

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Wayne Braithwaite for taking time out of his schedule to chat with us tonight

WAYNE_BRAITHWAITE: Thanks for having me again