FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Shane Mosley

Original chat session on May 26, 2005


FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Shane Mosley

"It doesn't really matter which order I get them in, one at a time I'm going to get them all anyway."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Shane Mosley to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

fausto: thanks for taking the time to be here tonight shane. first, how did you physically feel fighting back at 147? any problems making the weight since you used to claim it was impossible to make 147 again?

fausto: what prevented you from being the “monster" you claimed you were going to be in your return to 147? how did you feel in the fight stamina wise?

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: I felt alright, but I think another fight will be great for me. It didn't seem like it was that much of a problem. It wasn't easy, I had to work for it, but it was alright.

nardfan: What up Shane?How did you like commentating on FNF?

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: It was great. I had a good time there and commentating on the fights is something I'd think about doing when my boxing days are over.

irishbrawler: hey shane why did you get rid of goosen as a trainer? I definatley saw a great improvement in your performance in the second fight.

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: I didn't want to train in Van Nuys and Joe didn't want to leave there

Tee101: Shane big fan, been riding with you since 98 (since i was 15), what's up with an autograph glove, tee-shirt, poster, something.  Also hurry up and get a belt, you look naked without one.  Shut Zab's mouth!

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: My website will be up and running again soon you'll be able to get one there, just tell me in the email that you spoke with me on the chat.

zahi: good luck on your next bout shane. What would you say you have learned under your new trainer?

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: I wouldn't say there's anything I've learned, but I think that he brought the defensive part of my game to another level.

Rick: Shane, When you have a fight comming up, What are some of the things you look at in breaking down a fighter and developing a game plan?

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: Just the way they move and how they throw their punches, that's pretty much it.

mikey: hey shane...what are the fights that you would like to make?... and real quick, De La Hoya said he'd give you a piece of his cheque if u beat him in the 2nd fight...did he keep his word after the fight? you're 1 of my favorite fighters, great talking to u

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: I want to fight the best guys out there. It doesn't really matter which order I get them in, one at a time I'm going to get them all anyway. Zab's been talking some stuff, Tszyu is out there. I just want the biggest fights out there that the fans want.

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: And yes, Oscar did live up to his word, but I still didn't get paid enough for the rematch. Hey Shane great talking to ya CHAMP! Who next on your hit list another top 10 guy or are ya gonna go after zabs belts right away?

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: I'd like to get another fight in before we go for something big. Estrada was my first fight back at 47 in a while, so one more fight and then I'm going to be looking for all of the top guys in the division.

PITBULL: Sup cuz! hey im just wondering, as part of your training routine how many push-ups can you do in a row?

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: at least a few hundred, I never really to do them until I couldn't do them.

Titlebelt: Shane, If Jin wanted to box professionally, would you support her decision?

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: lol! After dealing with some of people in the business she might want to get in the ring with them…lol…but sure, I guess I would support the decision if that's really what she wanted to do.

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: I fight so she don't have to fight though.

TRINIDAD: Thanks for takin the time to chat tonight, Did you really feel you beat DLH?? i Mean you were surprised when they anounced the winner, good luck on yo next fight, hope you and your family are doin good.

TRINIDAD: in da second fight

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: I felt like I did enough to win the fight, I just didn't expect to get the fight what was pretty much his backyard.

Westside: Wat up Sugar. when are you going to fight Southpaw again like you did with DLH the 1st fight, I think if you switched more, you'd be all the more diffucult to handle. BTW My lil cousin love you he throws combos on his teddy bear like you did(will) at '47.

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: I did that in the De La Hoya fight because I knew it would confuse Oscar. In the fight with Pernell, he gave Oscar problems so I switched and threw fast combinations southpaw to confuse him.

MK47: how's it goin shane, in the estrada fight, you hurt him bad in the 4th round with the left hook, but for some reason, from the 4th round on, you probably only threw a few more left hooks? why?

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: He was defending his body pretty good after that, that's why I wasn't able to get them in. I just kept hitting his arms and then I left it alone to surprise him, but it must have hurt him because he didn't move his arm from there all night.

Kikin_21: What up Sugar Shane, How are you, Obiusly you want to fight de best, Whaat do u think fighting Zab? I want to see that figh soon as posible I pick you man, and I wan DLH Mosley 3, You still one of the greatest, I belive in you dawg Take care of bussines

Kikin_21: Zab calls you Nosley, what do u think on that

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: The fight will happen probably some time next year, he's been talking a lot of junk and I'm going to shut him up.

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: I like the third fight with Oscar financially and if he wants to do it, sure it'd be great to beat him again.

Clint: Whats up Shane!  Looked to me like that speed was comming back at 47.  How soon before you blast that punk ass zab out of their?  Are you going to try and box more?  Or do you think you want to try and roll over some of these guys at 47?  you the man!

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: I want to exercise all of my skills and work on different things with different fighters. When that big fight comes I'm going to put it all together.

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: Probably some time next year for Zab.

kinonomics: who has faster hands shane, you or meldrick taylor

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: Meldrick throws his punches in bunches real fast. Mine come out two or three  faster, but he could probably throw six or seven faster than I can.

GG: Shane: Zab Vs DeLaHoya -- who would win?

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: I think De La Hoya might outbox him.

SugarDusMosley: Hey Shane, Wink was gassed in the last two rounds of the second fight but he got into an effective rythym of hitting and holding, you just about had him untill he morphed into John Ruiz at the end.   Since you know Winky inside and out by now Winky or Hop?

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: That;s a tough call. Bernard is getting older and Winky has a great defense, so I think it's a pick-em fight.

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: Maybe Bernard's legs aren't as good and he can't box and move like he once did, he can't get into a jabbing contest with Winky. Winky has the fresher legs and he's younger so he definitely has a chance, but it's a pick-em.

Dav: Hey Shane, wats happening? How long before you get a shot at Zab and the undisputed world title at 147?? Any chance of a fight being made between yourself and Corey Spinks? Good luck in your future fights!

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: If Cory Spinks is at 147, I'm willing to fight anyone at 147. After my next fight or two, I'm coming for everybody.

ejamaru7: Shane, what are the chances we'll see you knock out Judah by years end? Who do you like in a Wright/DLH fight? Thanks sugar

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: I don't think it'll happen this year, but sometime next year it should happen. That's another close fight, De La Hoya is a good fighter who may be able to throw his shots and get away, it's a tougher fight to pick than people think.

mateball: Shane who do you think will win between mayweather and Gatti?  Who would you rather fight out of those two and why?  Would you meet the winner at a catch weight?

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: I think Mayweather will probably win, but hopefully Gatti gets lucky and puts him to sleep with a left hook. No, I can't go down any further than I am right now....Hell Naw!

HaroRook: What do you think of Vernon vs. Wright?

HaroRook: at 154?



mikepgh: My fault about cutting in before, Shane huge fan , Would you fight kostya at 147?

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: Yes, he's definitely one of the guys I want to get it on with. If he comes to 47 that would be a great fight.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Shane Mosley for taking time out to chat with us tonight

SUGAR_SHANE_MOSLEY: peace Boxingtalk