FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Owen Beck

Original Chat Session on January 27, 2005


FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Owen Beck

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Owen Beck to tonight's T.N.T. chat

litzauNEXTlegend: Where did you come up with the nickname What the Heck?"? Did someone give it to you?"

OWEN_BECK: Yeah, one of my brothers came up with the name. We had a 4-3 vote, four liked it and three didn't I was one of the three who didn't like it. But I was outvoted.

achilles: dnt underestimate barret, da guy dnt quit, u c it v mesi, wlad etc wots ur fave punch? hw mny miles u run? do u do weights? wots ur fave part of trainin? prediction for monte fite? who u sparrin wid? whose ur fave boxer ever?

OWEN_BECK: My favorite punch is all of them, all of thm are my favorite. 4-6 miles a day. Not much weights. Sparring. No real prediction other than a win, but I don't want anyone to blink.  Larry Donald and a few others. Ali.

garrett2408: what is your next step after the barrett fight either win or lose?

OWEN_BECK: My next step would be whatever Don King has planned for me. It could be a title shot but I'm ready for whatever. The sky's the limit really.

nardfan: What up Owen?When Barret was on here he was sayin your name alot(trust me)sayin he was going to knock your head off,what weakness do you see in 2Gunns?Ya'll mustve been drunk on that night.(nickname night).

OWEN_BECK: He's got a lot of weaknessess. One of his weaknesses is trying to maintain his pace. He's not going to be able to keep up with a fighter like me. My pace is way above his and you'll see that on Febraury 5.

Mino: No question my man, just do me a favor and knock that kid out, hes got a big mouth, good luck dawg!!!!

OWEN_BECK: lol    Most definitely, I hate that mouth too. We're going to show it up.

OWEN_BECK: I'm going to give him an old fashioned but whooping.

AKay: Owen whats your training regimine like. and what do you think you need to improve on to take you to the next level in the HW division???

OWEN_BECK: There's always room for improvement no matter how good you do. I'm working on making some better all around as a fighter. I'm looking to become the heavyweight champion and I'm working hard to get there.

Reg__One: Owen, what's going on man! Barrett at times has been considered a lazy fighter do you plan to take the fight to him early or are you looking to take him into the deeper waters for the late round win? What's your approach to motormouth?

OWEN_BECK: Deep waters start when the fight starts. Deep waters start when the fight start, there's no time to wast and I'm taking care of business when I get in there. It's all work and the Lord will bless me and help me to take care of business.

TITO: have you hit a level were it is hard to see improvement or are you still moving forward

OWEN_BECK: I'm still moving forward and I'm going to continue to move forward after I win the title.

MICHAEL_MOORER: just fight your fight and you will be alright. good luck!

OWEN_BECK: Thank you.

Oleg_M: Do you still have an interest in fighting James Toney?

OWEN_BECK: Anytime. James Toney would be no problem anytime.

litzauNEXTlegend: Who have you been sparring with in preparation for Monte?

OWEN_BECK: Larry Donald and a few other people.

achilles: if u beat barret who wud u lke to fite nxt?  do u really think u cn beat vitali n if so how? wot was ur amateur record?

OWEN_BECK: I'm not going to say who I'm going to fight next. Whoever wants it could be next, I want challenges , whoever Don King puts in front of me is who I'll fight.

OWEN_BECK: There's nothing Klitschko has that would really test me. I've seen too much weakness when he fights.

Reveroth: will you like to fight Lennox Lewis if hi comes out of retiredment
Reveroth: ?

OWEN_BECK: Absolutely.

stateofthegame: Owen, what did you think of Calvin Brock and his comments about he is the future of the division, and do you feel a win over Barrett will mean more to the division then his win over Etienne?

OWEN_BECK: Brock did what he had to do, but I have more to offer than he does. I'm fighting a much better fighter than he did and this is an elimination bout. Brock can't say he's the best until his people put him position to fight for a title. That says it all right

Shawn: Owen I was reading that are from Delaware...Polytech...I went to Dover High School and Graduated in 92....I wonder if we know each other...anyway

Shawn: who do you really want to fight next?

OWEN_BECK: It's hard to say who I want to fight next when I fight next week. I want whoever you feel would be a serious fight. I'm ready to accept all comers.

Mino: Who do you like Pats or Eagles? And what do u think of that kid Samuel Peter?

OWEN_BECK: I'm flying with the Eagles. I already got all my Eagle stuff ready! Peter is okay, he's a strong puncher but I don't think he has what it takes to defeat me.


OWEN_BECK: 228-230

Reg__One: Owen will Mike Tyson ever be a serious contender in the Heavyweight division  again?? Thanks for your time and God Bless ya Owen!

OWEN_BECK: I hope so but I don't know if Mike really has what it takes or wants to have what it takes to do it again. You never know with him because there's always that chance he could be dominant.

OWEN_BECK: thanks everybody.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Owen Beck for taking time to chat with us tonight