FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Julio Diaz

Original Chat Session on January 25, 2005


FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Julio Diaz

"If I fight Johnson, the Freitas fight is on...if not it'll be Castillo, but I'll fight either one - Castillo or Freitas!"

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Julio Diaz to tonight's T.N.T. chat session.

nardfan: What up Julio what happened in the Venazuela fight?

JULIO_DIAZ: It was a surprise. I underestimated my opponent. I learned to always respect everybody and always take everybody seriously.

BOXINGPR: Julio, how do you think you can beat corrales?

JULIO_DIAZ: I think I'm too smart for Diego. He's a dangerous fighter, but I have too much skill. I'm very flexible. I could box, I could brawl...I just have too much skill for him.

AKay: Julio what is the status on your next fight will it be castillo or no?

JULIO_DIAZ: It's looking like Castillo, but as of now, my mentality is still on Johnson until I get 100% confirmation on the Castillo fight. I would just be myself against Castillo. I would fight him smart and look to fight like Floyd Mayweather did.

achilles: Julio, have you considered giving Angel Manfredy a rematch just to avenge your loss? Also who looks more likely Johnson or Castillo?

JULIO_DIAZ: No. I don't think I need to give him a rematch. I won that fight. If anything, I would like to get a rematch against Valenzuela.

byrdman: julio, what do you think about all the hype juan is getting from teddy

byrdman: do u think he is worthy of it

JULIO_DIAZ: I can't blame them. I think every commentator makes their own favorites. Everyone has whoever they like, like Larry Merchant with Cotto...but I guess they're doing their job.

sirqwes: Julio, how good would it feel to pluck the Pollos feathers?

JULIO_DIAZ: It would feel very satisfying, personally and for my own state of mind, to get pollo out of my system

attyg3: Julio who do you consider to be the true champ at 135? Any chance of you moving up to 40 any time soon, and will Pollo give u a rematch? Hey rookies read the chat rules b4 asking a ?

JULIO_DIAZ: No chance of moving up to 140. I would give the most credit to Corrales because he never ducks anybody and he surprised me with his victories.

litzauNEXTlegend: Who have you been sparring with in preparation for Levander Johnson?

JULIO_DIAZ: I've been sparring with Tiger Smalls and some local kids from my gym.

cheepers: When and how could a Valenzuela rematch fit in, IF you remain champion?  Also, what are your thoughts on Main Events deal with ESPN, is that the wave of the future?

cheepers: meaning ESPN a NEW way to get noticed for fighters of your caliber where before it was for club fighters

JULIO_DIAZ: No, I don't think those ESPN shows will last forever. I think right now, being a champion, he wouldn't fit in. Maybe we could do it down the line or in a non-title fight, but right now I've got bigger fish to fry than Valenzuela.

JULIO_DIAZ: I'm just too fast for him. I have too much movement. I'm in my prime right now and I have too much stamina. Courtney Burton tried to walk right through me and you see what happened to him!

boxingtalk#1fan: hey man i have aquestion when u just started out did u ever wanna quit boxing cause u reached a difficulty if so what was it and how u dealt with it

JULIO_DIAZ: As I was starting out, my biggest difficulty was getting the attention of the boxing world. We weren't Olympians and we didn't come from a big name background. I never wanted to quit, but that made things harder and more frustrating.

BoxingCritic: Hey Julio, Do u feel 135 is your ideal weight, have you ever contemplated moving up in the future or do you ever have trouble making weight?  I saw you K.O Burtan. would you like your revenge against Valenzula. name a fighter you would like to fight.

JULIO_DIAZ: I never have trouble with my weight. I'm a strong 135. I've grown into my weight and I never have trouble with it. I would love to avenge the Valenzuela loss.

Eaner90210: Hi Julio .  So whats the word on an upcoming fight with Frietas. Also whats your prediction on Castillo -Corrales?  Are you planning to unify the lightweight titles?

JULIO_DIAZ: I don't really have any word right now. I'm just waiting and I want to think how things shape up with this Castillo deal. If I fight Johnson, the Freitas fight is on...if not it'll be Castillo, but I'll fight either one - Castillo or Freitas!  IF they fought, I'm pretty sure Castillo would have knocked him out because Corrales is a fighter who would have battled with him, but Castillo's too strong for that.

HawkTime: Julio, did your shocking KO loss to Valenzuela cause you to change anything in your mental or physical approach or do you chalk it up to getting caught cold? Any chance you could enter the ring against Johnson in a Boxingtalk shirt? Best of luck!

JULIO_DIAZ: Yeah, that's no problem. In fact that's what I've got planned. My plans for that Valenzuela fight weren't right. I made alot of changes in my personal life, but that was a big wake up call for me.

Integrital: What are your thoughts on Juan Valenzuela? He's the fighter that knocked you out a couple of years ago.I hear he suffered a detached retina in Sparring which maybe Carreer-Ending.

Integrital: Do you think he could have been World Champion in a talented 140pound division? Well thats about it. Take care

JULIO_DIAZ: I can't say he would have been a world champion, but what happened to him is really sad. He was a good fighter and he disappointed a lot of prospects, not just myself. To see that happen to him was really sad.

Bandito: hey julio, do you ever plan on moving up to jr welter and possibly welter before your career is over?

JULIO_DIAZ: I'm not sure. I have to wait and see how my body develops. I'm comfortable at 135 right now and I don't really move up much in weight.

Crold: What do you think of the Castillo/Corales fight? Who will win? Which would you prefer to win? Who do you want to fight? Who is the tougher match up for you? 

JULIO_DIAZ: I would prefer Corrales to win. He's a fighter who likes to fight. I know if he's in the position for a challenge, he'll take it. Castillo likes to protect himself. He likes to wait a while before he makes a move.

todaline: Hi julio, good luck on your next bout. how do you see a bout gainst Casamayor, given his tendency to forget being a gentleman in the ring?

JULIO_DIAZ: Me and Casamayor would be a great fight. That's another fight that I've had on my mind. He's a great name for me and that's what I'm looking for - named fighters.

cheepers: Julio, what is the best way to get out your message on an upcoming fight or your thoughts on something?  Does the internet do an adequte job of promoting yourself?  What avenues do you use and which one is the best?  ie internet, radio, press releases?

JULIO_DIAZ: I think the internet. Because the whole world has access to it. The papers are local. Personally, I prefer the internet. That's where all of the information is breaking.

achilles: when you spar do you have gym wars or work on technique? or both? how many times and how many miles do you run? whats your favourite punch in your repetoire?

JULIO_DIAZ: When I spar, I have sparring partners that are for technique and then I have some tough guys to get work in. I run four or five miles daily and Sunday is my day off from training. My favorite punch is the left hook.

Caladuke: Congratulations on the IBF championship. It seems like your style has gotten slicker since your losses to Manfredy (which I thought you won) and Valenzuela. Is this true, and is it something you've worked on?

JULIO_DIAZ: Personally, I didn't change anything. I think I just matured more in the ring and made the right adjustments in the ring. I've become more mature.

rlite23: What's up Julio! Who were your favorites growing up?

JULIO_DIAZ: My favorites were my brother Antonio and Julio Cesar Chavez.

J-Gon15: Wassup Kid? Julio do you plan to avenge your loss to  El Pollo"? And also do you feel Chico Corrales misfortune will inturn be a blessing for you?"

JULIO_DIAZ: Yes I plan to avenge the loss, but if he's retired, that may be hard. I think this thing with Castillo may be meant to be. Opportunity is knocking on my door now and I'm happy, regardless of what the reasons are.

Icheehuahua: Julio, what's your favorite cartoon?

JULIO_DIAZ: Spongue Bob is my favorite cartoon.

JULIO_DIAZ: Thanks for having me BT!

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Julio Diaz for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us tonight