FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Joe Mesi

Original chat session on May 10, 2005


FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Joe Mesi

"How would you like your job taken from you and you have no say about it?"

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Joe Mesi tonight's T.N.T. chat session

Clubber: Joe, have you spoken to Jirov since that fight?  Also, you and Rahman had some matches in the amatuers, can you tell us about that?  Hope you get back to the mix soon, your a great boxer!

BABY_JOE_MESI: No I have not spoken to Vassiliy, I haven't even seen him since then. I have no animosity towards him he's a good fighter and I always wish him the best.

BABY_JOE_MESI: I beat Hasim Rahman in 1993 in the amateurs. He beat me in 1994 and we're hoping that the rubber match will be in the next year or so and maybe I can take the heavyweight title from him. We're friends who laugh about the amateur days when we see each other, but hopefully we could get it on as pro's one day.

SugarDusMosley: Yo Mesi, you were dominating Jirov,  and then he hits you behind the head for a ''knockdown''. I know thats what lead to the knockdowns in the tenth, if anything you should have been givin five minutes to recover. I hope you come back man

BABY_JOE_MESI: I appreciate that. I was hit in the back of the head. I understand it wasn't intentional but that doesn't change the fact that Jay Nady should have taken the right steps and given me some time.

BABY_JOE_MESI: That punch changed the course of the fight, I didn't know where I was, I was confused and it made me look bad.

fuchoppers: if you do get reinstated which Champion currently do you want to face. Don't tell us it's too far in the future because if you're goal is to become champ you'll most likely have to go through one of these guys.  Which guy?  Good luck with your appeal.

BABY_JOE_MESI: I've always wanted to fight and really challenge myself. I box because it's a challenge and I want the best, right now the best are Klitschko, Rahman, Toney and Byrd so that's who I want.

awesomeald: Baby Joe Mesi, are you sick of the tag baby". Do you feel that a lot of people may think that your being a baby about the whole situation ? How long will it take you to get into fighting shape if reinstated ?"

BABY_JOE_MESI: I'm not sick of the whole baby thing. My name isn't baby, it's Baby Joe. It's been a life long nickname that has stuck. I'm not being a baby about this. How would you like your job taken from you and you have no say about it?

BABY_JOE_MESI: I'm only 15 pounds away from fighting shape and I'm doing some training now. I'm one short camp away from being in fighting shape.

Big_Mike: Baby Joe, who are you picking for Tito vs. Winky?

BABY_JOE_MESI: I'll tell you what, this is one of the most competitive matches coming up right now. I  love both of those guys. They're both likeable, but I gotta say Winky because he's on top of his game right now.

BABY_JOE_MESI: Trinidad is stronger but he's not what he used to be. Anything is possible, but I'm going with Winky Wright.

ranger: can you please come back and reretire John ruiz?

BABY_JOE_MESI: I would love to re-retire him.

BABY_JOE_MESI: We sparred a lot of rounds, he's been good to me. But beating John Ruiz isn't as easy as you might think. He always finds a way to win, even when he loses.

BABY_JOE_MESI: I would love to get in there with him, he's still one of the best guys out there and I'd love to fight John.

jonny: How would you tame Toney,  hope the head feels better. 8)

BABY_JOE_MESI: Wooooooo, good question. James Toney needs to be beaten with more speed and agility and athleticism than Ruiz brought.

BABY_JOE_MESI: I think I could bring it to him. I'm not as slick, but I have more speed and athleticism. I would hit him everywhere.

BABY_JOE_MESI: There's going to be times I'd have to use footwork and there would be times I have to lay on him. Ruiz tried his jab and hold thing, it just didn't work.

Titlebelt: Joe, How long will you pursue the right to box in the United States before giving up?

BABY_JOE_MESI: We'll see. Right now I have the attitude, as long as it takes. With my new legal team, I'm becoming very pptimisitic and I think they will come to their right minds soon.

BABY_JOE_MESI: Now we have more doctors backing me with their opinions so we're not ready to give up yet.

sweetchuck: Joe do you have a specific fighter in mind that you want to fight first when you comeback?  You're the best heavyweight without a belt!

BABY_JOE_MESI: Thanks you. I'm not concentrating on my first opponent, I'm concentrating on getting back in the ring. I want a tune-up or two. HBO has permitted me, if I'm allowed to box, the chance to fight on ESPN once or twice to get back into fighting mode again.

rayrobinson: have you been in training even thought they have not given you the green light and how often do  you spar?

BABY_JOE_MESI: Yes I have been in training. I'm doing some road work and weight training mostly. I'm not allowed to spar under medical suspension. I haven't sparred in over a year.

ounce4ounce: who has hit you the hardest?

BABY_JOE_MESI: I'll tell you what, the hardest I've been hit was by a guy nobody knows. It was my ninth or tenth fight in Baton Rouge and it was an eight rounder that made ESPN. Matt Green. He hit me with s left hook so hard he fractured my orbital. I don't know how I didn't go down because it felt like he took my face off.

SugarDusMosley: Baby Joe, Roy Jones has alot of annoying habits when he's commentating. Why don't you give that a shot and get rid of him? and who wins Gatti Floyd?

BABY_JOE_MESI: I'd have to agree, as great as Roy was in the ring, he needs help with the commentating. I was very comfortable on ESPN, I enjoyed it, I got a lot of positive feedback and hopefully it opens some doors with me.

BABY_JOE_MESI: My heart is with Gatti and he's probably my favorite fighter out there but I have to go with Floyd Mayweather.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Joe Mesi for taking time to chat with us tonight