FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Jameel McCline

Original chat session on April 21, 2005


FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Jameel McCline

"I have full confidence in winning the fight."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Jameel McCline to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

JAMEEL_McCLINE: What's up everyone!

nardfan: What up Jameel?Why so many experts say you fight small?

JAMEEL_McCLINE: Maybe it has something to do with my lack of an amateur career. Maybe I didn't have the confidence to use my size the way I'm supposed to. I think I've adjusted though it my last two or three fights.

coryr: Hey Big time, is it disheartening to go from a title fight to beign a possible stepping stone for a contentder

JAMEEL_McCLINE: No it's not disheartening.

JAMEEL_McCLINE: Because I'm just looking to stay busy and I don't consider myself a steppingstone by any means. I have full confidence in winning the fight.

lino: big time how r u preparing for the fight

JAMEEL_McCLINE: I finished preparing for the fight. I put a lot more into the training than my previous fights. I'm into the kind of shape I was in when I was fighting Grant, Goofi and Briggs.

supahjudah: yo Big Time...would you like another crack at W. Klitschko

JAMEEL_McCLINE: I would LOVE another crack at him.

Ascension: Jameel, what's up with the conditioning? Do you think that you will be able to take Brock into the later rounds? I think you gonna win homey! Brock is overrated!

JAMEEL_McCLINE: After the Byrd fight we addressed that conditioning was one of the reasons we didn't win the fight. We're in condition to do fifteen rounds if necessary.

JAMEEL_McCLINE: If they were necessary at least.

AKay: Jameel what do you have to say regarding Bos' comments about your chin being weak?


Philip: Jameel what happen to the Toney fight, have you ever going to be able to step up agaisnt him?

JAMEEL_McCLINE: The question should be is he ever going to step up against me. What happened was he pulled out with an injury just days before the fight.

salvador: Hey Jameel, how come you don't use your size more to lean on guys to wear them down?  If you can box well enough to almost beat Byrd from the outside, surely you'd of ko'd him if you'd have used your huge weight advantage, don't ya think?

JAMEEL_McCLINE: Like I said, it was a conditioning issue that I've now addressed.

Mikey: whats your prediction on tito-winky, ruiz-toney, the espn card, and hopkins-taylor?  who is your favorite fighter?

JAMEEL_McCLINE: Oh wow. My prediction on Trinidad and Wright is to sit down fasten your seatbelts because it's going to be a rough time.  Ruiz. Hopkins.  Favorite to watch now is Shane Mosley.

yorn2deep: Do you think it's fair that they say you have no heart, what's the truth?

JAMEEL_McCLINE: No comment.

Yeah!: What do you think that been the major stepping stone in your career?

JAMEEL_McCLINE: Michael Grant.

JAMEEL_McCLINE: Grant just gave me the opportunity to be showcased on a bigger stage.

dluv: I have a real question. Do you feel the next generation of boxers can bring glory back to the Heavyweight divison


JAMEEL_McCLINE: I truly hope so.

PrfPmp: Jameel, who do yu think is the next generation of boxers?

JAMEEL_McCLINE: Ask Cedric Boswell.

Bc1: Is there anything within Calvin Brock's arsenal that concerns you?

JAMEEL_McCLINE: Nothing at all.

gowink: Jameel who do you have in a bout against Joe Calzaghe and Jeff Lacy? Your pick on Gatti - Mayweather and Toney - Ruiz? Thanks Jameel, good luck against brock.

JAMEEL_McCLINE: Lacy. I like Gatti but I don't know if it's going happen. Ruiz. None needed but thank you anyway.

hanistyles: Do you think Evander Holyfield put something on his gloves to poison Bobby Czyz's eyes back in 95?

hanistyles: Or do you think Bobby was faking it?


dluv: How do you feel about Mesi being denied from boxing? I think it was a great call to save him from himself. I wish something could stop Evander before he does more damage to himself.

JAMEEL_McCLINE: I think it's a good call in the Mesi case and I'm with you on the Holyfield issue. Plus, Mesi was never that good anyway.

Yeah!: Who do you think is the easiest heavyweight to beat right now?

JAMEEL_McCLINE: Calvin Brock

gowink: will you be repping boxingtalk next fight?

gowink: boxingtalk tshirt!

JAMEEL_McCLINE: not this time

Ascension: Jameel, much respect. what kind of training do you do for your conditioning? Also where do you train where people could come watch?

JAMEEL_McCLINE: Right now I'm trained in West Palm Beach. I've been doing a lot of max endurance with threshold training.

JAMEEL_McCLINE: Dave Luthers gym in W

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Jameel McCline for taking time to chat with us tonight

JAMEEL_McCLINE: Everyone tune in on Saturday night, thanks for having me