FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Glen Johnson

Original chat session on June 2, 2005


FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Glen Johnson

"Taver doesn't want to find out...he should stick to what he does and run around the ring!"

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Glen Johnson to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

nardfan: What up Glen?Tarver said in his last chat he wanna see if you can fight going backwards.What do you think of that?

GLEN_JOHNSON: Taver doesn't want to find out...he should stick to what he does and run around the ring!

cinderalla_man: glen you are the champ what is your strategy

GLEN_JOHNSON: My strategy will unfold in the fight, but everyone knows how I fight.  I bring the heat and i bring action and that's what i do

chodeberg1: Hi Glen.  I appreciate your work rate in the ring.  What do you do to build that kind of stamina?

GLEN_JOHNSON: I train hard and I practice having that work rate.  I just do it in the gym, that's the only way to get it

eorn: what up glen? have you done anything different in this training camp than you did for the first fight? If Yes! What did you do dif.

GLEN_JOHNSON: We did a lot of things different.  It's not public information though.  I'll unleash it in the fight. Watch on the 18th and you'll see some good things for sure

nardfan: Glen he also said no more takin rounds off and he's coming to knock you out early,are you doing anything different?

GLEN_JOHNSON: I will do what I always do.. words are cheap, I bring the action while Tarver talks

GLEN_JOHNSON: Tarver is free to say whatever he wants. He's good at talking

cinderalla_man: what do you think is wrong with boxing,fans wise

GLEN_JOHNSON: Boxing is like everything else.  There are a lot of politics.  We can get rid of the politics and make it just fighting.  Promoters like to manipulate the sport to get them where they want them

GLEN_JOHNSON: Goossen Tutor and I have had a great 2 years and  I'm looking forward to continue with them

chodeberg1: I know you had a long hard road to get to the pinnacle of your career.  Does it make you nervous at all to think that if you lose a fight (not necessarily this one) that you may not continue to get the attention that you have received since the RJJ fight?

GLEN_JOHNSON: Definitely.  It's unfortuante that that is the situation that I'm in.  I will continue to take the chances that I always do.  If I were to lose I will just climb up the way I always do

holyghost: how and what are you planning to do to bubble lip tarver to finish him off this time around? are you changing anything from the first fight? you were impressive...

GLEN_JOHNSON: I will break him down but I don't care too  much about his bubble. I want to win the fight, get paid and go home

nardfan: Glen,will you be willin to fight Hopkins if he gets past Taylor?Whats your top 5 P4P list right now?

GLEN_JOHNSON: I definitely want to fight Hopkins and it's a fight I'm looking forward to have....

GLEN_JOHNSON: pound for pound I have Hopkins...

GLEN_JOHNSON: He's on the top for everything he has done

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Glen Johnson for taking time out to chat with us tonight

GLEN_JOHNSON: Thank you everybody for your support I couldn't do this with out you