FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Fres Oquendo

Original chat session on April 19, 2005


FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Fres Oquendo

"Now that i'm starting over fresh with a new promoter I should return with the championship this year."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Fres Oquendo to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

nardfan: What up Fres?I feel you won the Byrd fight.Does the politics of boxing bother you?

FRES_OQUENDO: Right now i'm a free agent

FRES_OQUENDO: I'm looking to fight as a free agent and I'm moving on with my career away from Don King

ArturoISGOD: Fres,Whats on deck for you and is DOn as bad as they say

FRES_OQUENDO: By May or June I'll be looking forward to getting back in the ring

FRES_OQUENDO: Don is Don and he's got a great talk.  I admire that of him, and i can never hate him, but he's getting the deal

FRES_OQUENDO: I'm expanding my horizons with some new top promoters soon

Southeastpaw: Hey Fres. Who is/was your boxing idol? And do you think Harris ever recovered right from that rabbitpunch you layed on him?

FRES_OQUENDO: It wasn't the rabbit punch that did it, it was my left hand.  That punch was unfortuneate but Harris is in good health

FRES_OQUENDO: My idol is Joe Louis, because at the time he was fighting he was fighting racism too.  He's a true champion of the people

AKay: Fres whats your prediction for tito wright

FRES_OQUENDO: My great personal friend Tito should come away with the W.  Winky will try and make a statement, but Tito will land his devastating punches on Winky.  The fight will end up going into the late rounds where Tito will stop him in the 9th 10th or 11th

Cmajor: how do you think a fight with you and James Toney would play out?

FRES_OQUENDO: That fight with Toney would have been great.

FRES_OQUENDO: His team seemed interested but it never worked out.  I think Ruiz will get Toney, because Ruiz style will give him hell

FranKaTanK: Whats Up Fres. Being a Puerto Rican fan of boxing i feel You have represented our people alot better than that Other guy John Ruiz. I feel Even though you havent reached the top yet i believe our people see you and in a better light then Ruiz..Do You agree

FRES_OQUENDO: Of course i agree with that because i went back to the motherland to give them the glory

FRES_OQUENDO: Now that i'm starting over fresh with a new promoter I should return with the championship this year Fres who's the heaviest puncher you faced in the Heavy weight division... Tua... Ruiz? Oh and I was so pissed at the decision when you fought Byrd... total robbery!!!

FRES_OQUENDO: Bar none, Tua

FRES_OQUENDO: He hit me with a overhand right hand,  and i went toe to toe and that's where i made my mistake.

FRES_OQUENDO: That was a stoppage that i felt was controversial because I should have recieved a standing eight count

FRES_OQUENDO: Even Byrd said he lost, and that I won

nardfan: Fres,do you look at Ruiz fights now and say How did I loose to that mutha-----?"Are you still in the gym you've been out for a while?"

FRES_OQUENDO: This whole year that I took off, I've been thinking about the fight that i felt was my crowning moment. The people that I thought had my best interest  came out to not have my best interest in mind going into the Ruiz fight, i shouldn't have had to worry about paying bills or my manager who was not in my best interest

FRES_OQUENDO: I'm training in the gym everyday...228pounds solid. I'm 31 and in my prime

Southeastpaw: Fres, do you feel what Ruiz does in the ring should be banned from boxing?

FRES_OQUENDO: Yes, because i was a victim of his holding.  He tackled me down like a football player, and was getting away with it.  I was fighting with Ruiz and the referee for his holding Klitchko or Rahman? Corrales or Castillo?

FRES_OQUENDO: It's gonna be a war but I'm picking Castillo

boxingtalk: if you to pick the winner between ruiz and toney, who would it be

FRES_OQUENDO: I would have to go with Ruiz because he's fought the best including myself where Toney fought an old Holyfield and an old cruiserweight in Booker, so I'm going with Ruiz

todaline: Hi Fres, isn't it time to hook up with a very aggressive trainer to wake you up and allow you to use all of your skills?

FRES_OQUENDO: I'm in the process of interviewing trainers right now.  I'm working with a trainer who has worked with Nasim Hamed...Oscar Suarez, and he will be my choice for my new boxing career as trainer

masterdirector: Fres, would you be for a boxing league rather than promoters and sanctioning bodies?

FRES_OQUENDO: a league would be great, if it ever happens

bigcrice: I met you in Chicago at foot locker; props for taking time out with the fans.  Anyways, Have you thought more about standing more and using you're underappreciated power?  You're a good boxer but you do have a little pop when you stand and let 'em go.

FRES_OQUENDO: i'm in my prime and wiser, and i think it's time for me to be more about my accuracy and punching power.

ICE: Whats up Fres? Are you still with DKP?

Cmajor: what about the young heavys

FRES_OQUENDO: I'm looking for a new promoter right now...and the only young heavy who i feel can make it to the top right now is Samuel Peter.   He's got natural strength and it would be a great fight for me to fight him

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Fres Oquendo for taking time to chat with us tonight

FRES_OQUENDO: Thanks BoxingTalk.  See you soon