FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Freddie Roach

Original Chat Session on March 10, 2005


FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Freddie Roach

"I do think he can KO Morales"

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Freddie Roach to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

KO: Whats up Freddie .... what are u guys gonna do if Morales comes to box?

FREDDIE_ROACH: We're prepared for that and we'll use a lot of side to side movement and we'll fight a smarter fight than we did against Marquez

mbase: what has manny done to neutralize Moralese jab?

FREDDIE_ROACH: Morales' jab is long and slow so we'll use a lot of head movement

FREDDIE_ROACH: Morales lunges with the jab and if Morales using that long jab we'll come over the top of it

MrUnstoppable: It's an honor having you hear, Freddie. One thing boxing lacks right now is stars who appeal to the mainstream public.  Do you feel Manny has the potential to become a crossover star in America being he is from another country?

FREDDIE_ROACH: Yes i do, he's getting better with his English.  He is such an explosive fighter and his personality is great.  It will catch on with America really soon

duthy: whats good gonna be honest with you i dont think this is a good fight for pac to take but anyways do you think manny can ko morales???

FREDDIE_ROACH: I do think he can KO Morales, and I disagree with you, Morales is perfect for Pacquiao.  Anyone who exchanges with Manny is making a big mistake

FiveElements: Freddie, how do you spread your time out training Toney, Manny and others? Does everyone train at wildcard?

FREDDIE_ROACH: Yes they all train here. I work from 8 am to 8pm.  Toney hasn't started yet, he's conditioning right now.  They all work together and I have 5 assistants

AKay: hey freddie big fan i have 2 questions for you whats up with mike tyson do you think hes going to fight again and are you still his trainer? and have you played the new fight night and seen one of the trainers looks just like u?

FREDDIE_ROACH: I do believe Mike will fight again.  I got a call from him last week and he asked me to train him, but I told him I was busy, but I couldn't help him right now because I have Manny and Toney to worry about

FREDDIE_ROACH: I haven't played the game and didn't know there was a game like that.  Maybe I should be getting paid

jenboxes: first of all, i think a lot of boxers can learn from manny's modesty and humbleness as a fighter. what other kind of training does he do besides the physical body/boxing training? the way he maintains his speed for so long without tiring must be mental too

jenboxes: does he meditate or something?

jenboxes: tai chi, etc.?

FREDDIE_ROACH: Manny is a real hard worker ... unbelievable road work.  He's very funny after 50 yards he says bye bye and runs faster than I can.  He runs hard and is very disciplined in the gym.  He's like an old time fighter.

FREDDIE_ROACH: He doens't do any weights.  When Manny shadow boxes people stop to watch.  When he hits the heavy bag he's so intense

FREDDIE_ROACH: He spars like it's a fight and every round for Manny is a hard hard round

FREDDIE_ROACH: He never gets tired

james: hey fredie dont u think manu is at a disanvantage fighting eric at 130 cause come fight night eric will out weigh many by 15pounds dont u think had they fought at 126 or at a catch weight of 128 would have been better 4 many

FREDDIE_ROACH: The heavier Morales is, the better off we are.  I hope he comes in heavier because it makes you slow

FREDDIE_ROACH: Gaining 14 pounds over night will be at Erik's disadvantage.  Manny will come in at 135

Don_Felix_is_Retarded: What up Mr. Roach!!!  I know you won some good money on Pacman over Barrera. Are you layin down any loot on Pacman over Morales by KO? Be honest Mr. Roach. It's a 3-1 dog bet that he stops Erik. Will it happen?

FREDDIE_ROACH: I'm getting 4 1/2 to 1

FREDDIE_ROACH: I haven't made a bet yet, but I'm seriously considering it

FREDDIE_ROACH: I've only bet twice and I probably will because Manny is so sharp.  He's focused and he will fight a much better fight than Marquez and you'll see the type of Manny that fought against Barrera

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Freddie Roach for taking time to chat with us tonight

FREDDIE_ROACH: Thanks BoxingTalk.  See you all on March 19th