FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: David Estrada

Original chat session on April 14, 2005


FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: David Estrada

"I think he might be the one going out in the fifth round."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome David Estrada to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

nardfan: What up David?Do you think you will see the old Shane throwing punches in punches or the post Forrest Shane?

DAVID_ESTRADA: The old Shane.

AKay: David thanks for coming tonite! What do you feel will make you successful against Shane? I mean on paper and in the press your looking like a tune up

AKay: what do you have to say to those detractors?

DAVID_ESTRADA: What's going to make me so special is when I put that pressure on him and he folds up under it.

DAVID_ESTRADA: They'll find out what's up on the 23rd and Shane will find out the hard way.

nardfan: Shane just said he hopes you could last 5 good rounds b/c he dont want an early night and if he hurts you in the 1st he may walk away.What do you think of that?

DAVID_ESTRADA: I think he might be the one going out in the fifth round.

DAVID_ESTRADA: He's just talking shit because he needs something to make him feel good since he lost five in a row.

DAVID_ESTRADA: He needs some motivation and all he could do is talk shit

MK47: Careful with that David, Oscar tried to put the pressure on in the 1st fight, got counter punched all nite

DAVID_ESTRADA: I'm not Oscar though, I'm a totally different fighter. He's a boxer and I'm more of a fighter.

DAVID_ESTRADA: It's going to be a different kind of pressure.

standing8: David, I feel that the fall of both Roy Jones and Shane Mosely coincided with the breaking of the Balco steroid scandal. They both performed at a noticably lower level after that came out. I feel you have an easy fight ahead of you. Take it right to him.

DAVID_ESTRADA: You know what alot of people are mentioning that thing with him and steroids, but I don't really know if it's true of not.

ajspoza: What do you think of Ishe Smith David Estrada?

DAVID_ESTRADA: I think Ishe is an average fight.

nardfan: Like the confidence David.If you beat Shane do you think he should retire?He hasnt been convincing in awhile.

DAVID_ESTRADA: Naw, I think he could still make some money after this, unless he takes a bad beating.

DAVID_ESTRADA: Which he may

DAVID_ESTRADA: the longer the fight goes the worse it's going to be for him

supahjudah: if you get past Mosley, who do you want a cract at next...Judah?

DAVID_ESTRADA: Either the winner from Margarito and Cintron or Zab Judah. I'm going after them belts.

DAVID_ESTRADA: Or Mayweather since he's talking all that shit about when Shane gets past me.

nardfan: David,was this an easy fight for you to take?

DAVID_ESTRADA: Very easy. I took it the first time they asked me about it.

avon_barksdale: who do think wins the main event on the PPV?


DAVID_ESTRADA: I think Shane is a good fighter, but that don't necessarily mean shit.

DAVID_ESTRADA: Being good doesnt win fights

nardfan: Do you think Shane is taking you lightly?

DAVID_ESTRADA: I know he is.

lino: David i never seen you fight but if you can compare your style with someone who would it be? by the way are you cuban?

DAVID_ESTRADA: Nobody. I don't think I have a style to compare to anybody else. I got balls like Duran and Chavez though, and they're my two favorite fighters.

thehype: woooooooooooooooo @ balls like Duran and Chavez


lino: are you cuban?


ajspoza: what are you then if your not cuban

DAVID_ESTRADA: Mexican, Guatemalan

nardfan: David,who are your favorite fighters to watch now?

DAVID_ESTRADA: I like watching James Toney and the guy that fought on the undercard of the Morales fight, Arce


DAVID_ESTRADA: And I can't forget Barrera anyway good luck david I just don't think you'll win personally.

DAVID_ESTRADA: there's haterz everywhere.

DAVID_ESTRADA: My trainer is Luis Lagurman

team_estrada: david what do u think your gonna hit mosley with first your jab or your nose ?

DAVID_ESTRADA: with my ears.

ajspoza: luis lagurman ok where are you training at?


nardfan: David do you think Shane is takin you lightly

DAVID_ESTRADA: I know he is.

standing8: David, seriously what happened in the Ishe Smith fight? The performance you gave against Chris Smith was infinitely better.


DAVID_ESTRADA: I threw up in the ninth round



supahjudah: David, do you think you can win a decision against Mosley, or are you looking to knock him out

DAVID_ESTRADA: Looking for the knockout but I could win a decision too.

thehype: didn't Chavez mess with her at one point

DAVID_ESTRADA: I don't know, I hope he did.

ajspoza: how is it training with bernard hopkins

DAVID_ESTRADA: It's good, it's a good experience all around

AKay: david what music you listen to in training

DAVID_ESTRADA: I listen to rap.

ajspoza: Thats crazy you know Angel mandfreddy i met him a couple of time in the ameaturs

DAVID_ESTRADA: Yeah, I know him. How long do you guys go without sex before a fight?

DAVID_ESTRADA: Three weeks

ajspoza: What is angel manfreddy doing now days???

DAVID_ESTRADA: I don't know what he's doing I lost contact with him about a year ago.

DAVID_ESTRADA: I thought he was a good fighter when he was training right.

tito4life: Hey it's Lisandra's Brother just wanted to say good luck and I'll be going for you!!!


Method: Jin or Traci Byrd

Method: Tary Byrd or Jackie Kallan?

Method: Monca Lewinski or Tonya Harding?


toldyaw: David if you beat mosely would you challenge Zab


DAVID_ESTRADA: Zab could be next

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank David Estrada for taking time to chat with us

DAVID_ESTRADA: Be Good Boxingtalk, I'm out too!