FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Chris Byrd

Original chat session on May 3, 2005


FREE T.N.T. Chat Transcript: Chris Byrd

"The public is demanding me versus fat boy and I'm ready to give it to 'em."

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to welcome Chris Byrd to tonight's T.N.T. chat session

mbase: What's up Chris.  Roach says that Toney owns you when you used to spar.  What do you think a fight would go like with you and James?

CHRIS_BYRD: What? I know he didn't say nothing like. We never sparred. I've never been in the same gym with him in my whole life. If we would have ever sparred he would have never even though about fighting me.

mbase: are you setting up a fight with him? is that rumor true?

CHRIS_BYRD: Well, that's the fight people are demanding. The heavyweight division needs one champ and this would be one step closer to making that one champ.

CHRIS_BYRD: I want the fight. The people are demanding it and James should want it also.

MrUnstoppable: Champ, great having you back with us.  What do you want to accomplish before retiring?  Unifying the heavyweight title?  Rematch with Klitchko? My advice against Toney is to break his jaw.  He is powerless without his mouth.  God bless

CHRIS_BYRD: To answer the question, all of those things you said. I want James, it seems like I have knock James off to get to Klitschko and I'm ready to unify this division one belt at a time. hey champ, i got a question for you, do you think golota will beat your cousin lamon brewster, lamon seems to have not near the drive to succeed that you do, and besides you only huge punchers have scared golota

CHRIS_BYRD: Lamon is a huge puncher if he brings the beast out of him. He can't fight passive though, but he does have a chance. only a chance?

CHRIS_BYRD: It's a pick-em fight. I'm not even making picks no more because guys don't show up like they're supposed to.

CHRIS_BYRD: James should have never beat John, but he tried to box a counterpuncher.

CHRIS_BYRD: When have you ever seen him sit out and box?

CHRIS_BYRD: He don't even know how to box.

CHRIS_BYRD: He looked stupid, he should have held and done what he used to.

champ: Chris, do you give Toney more respect as a Heavyweight now that he beat Ruiz. I remember a while ago you said that none of the real heavys were frettin him

CHRIS_BYRD: Yeah, I give him respect. He beat a real heavyweight. I ain't going to playahate, I'm going to congratulate and anticipate that Toney wants to fight. I'm waiting on the date

CHRIS_BYRD: The public is demanding me versus fat boy and I'm ready to give it to em

thehype: Chris, do you think Ruiz deserved more credit as a champion, or was he really as bad as people say

CHRIS_BYRD: He deserved more credit if you ask me. I don't how much  but he deserves some. He won, and it may have been ugly but he won against a lot of good fighters. if you dont fight toney quick he might manage to eat himself out of hte heavyweight division, he gets heavier every time

CHRIS_BYRD: You're right about that. Look at him. He ain't on that stuff. It looks like that stuff messed him up

CHRIS_BYRD: How can you go from never having any injuries to now fighting without suffering one?


CHRIS_BYRD: Mo money mo food

thehype: looked like he stopped throwing that left early in the fight...maybe he did get another injury

CHRIS_BYRD: I think he did hurt his hand.

mbase: What was your analysis of the fight with James and Ruiz?  With your boxer's eye, what did you see?

CHRIS_BYRD: James did what he had to do. He frustrated John early enough to control the fight and he made John, a guy that's rough and rugged and he made him start to box. chris are you and don king still bickering, you need to get in the ring and box. my main question is why not get in there and at least get a warmup, not staying active is dangerous for reflex figthers.

CHRIS_BYRD: Me and Don are on good terms now..everything's cool. So hopefully I'll be in the ring real soon.

CHRIS_BYRD: I don't have an exact date yet though.

CHRIS_BYRD: It seems everyone is trying to get that 23rd date.

champ: hey Chris, how does it feel to be the second fastest heavy in the division ;) and has anyone ever hit you as hard as Ibeabucci did?

CHRIS_BYRD: The first part of your question is pretty funnny. I've been hit by a lot harder than I was by Ike, they just didn't catch me on the chin.

champ: are you still thinking august, or sooner

champ: or later

CHRIS_BYRD: Hopefully sooner, but we have nothing set yet.

palves: Chris do you think that you might have to take a not so great fight deal in order to capture one more belt giving you then a better position to get a good deal? Wouldn't that be better than waiting?

CHRIS_BYRD: Maybe I will. We'll see.

CHRIS_BYRD: I hope not though.

Avon_Barksdale: to Chris, what would you say to the criticism of your wife helping you mange your career?  do you think they are just cheap shots?

CHRIS_BYRD: Oh yeah, they're cheap shots. She's just looking out. I don't have a manager so she's got to look out. And she does a great job. Anytime you do a great job you're going to be criticized. hey chris here is a question, who is the best fighter you have been in with, i would say ike. and if ike would have stayed away from the hookers do you think he would have become a champion as you did?

CHRIS_BYRD: Ike would have definitely been a champ and he would have terrorized the division. He wasn't just a puncher, he could think in the ring. He would have most definitely been a champion. Ike is the toughest guy I've been in with.

CHRIS_BYRD: He was tough as nails.

CHRIS_BYRD: And James Toney is as soft as a pillow.

thehype: Chris got Toney on his mind

CHRIS_BYRD: All day long.

champ: hey CHRIS, I really liked how you were making McLine shy away. After seeing Brock beat McLine as well, do you think Toney would have beat him had their fight come off?

CHRIS_BYRD: You never know. By styles, I don't know. If Jameel came in like he fought me it would have been hard for James, but if he would have came in like he did for Brock, James would've beaten him

mbase: Chris, your skills are definitely phat. It would be a great match with you and James. As far as I am concerned you and James have the best skills in the division. The other's skill are suspect.  Now you have to respect James' skills?

CHRIS_BYRD: I've always respected his skills. The man could fight. He's a four time champ in four different weight classes so I gotta give him his props. This is about who the best in the heavyweight division is and who the best in Michigan is.

champ: CHRIS, how would you fight James. Would you go to war or would try to outbox him or out counter him?

CHRIS_BYRD: I would have done a little bit of both. I've faced much bigger punchers than James so I don't fear his power at all. We may go at it, you never know.

ringsidemike: ok, thanks hype   Sup Chris, so, Mr.Gorbachav has taken down the wall!  sorry if asked already  What did DK say?  Who's his ideas to fight you?

CHRIS_BYRD: He didn't give me an idea yet. We were throwing him some ideas. James Toney seems to be the fight that everyone wants to see. Me and James fighting would make Klitschko or the Rock-Barrett winner will want to fight with the winner of me and James.

CHRIS_BYRD: But everywhere I go, people come up to me and ask about fighting James

champ: do you think you've ever fought anyone with the skills and quickness of James?

CHRIS_BYRD: I've fought a lot of James Toney 's in the amateurs. I feared Maurice Harris more than I fear James Toney.

Avon_Barksdale: do you think McCline had an advantage because you've sparred each other so many times?

CHRIS_BYRD: No I don't think so. That could have come into play, but we had to fight even though we were good friends. None of our sparring sessions were like that though.

champ: do you think you're better now than ever, and how much longer will you fight?

CHRIS_BYRD: I don't think I'm better than I used to be. With age you slow down a bit. Mentally I'm better, but not physically. Two or three more years and I’m done.

ringsidemike: Chris, about having your family present at your fights, do you fear them seeing you get hurt? or do they give you much inspiration?

CHRIS_BYRD: They give me much inspiration. My parents have been in my corner since I've started boxing. They don't play around in the corner. They tell me the truth. Having my family there is very, very important to me.

thehype: Boxingtalk would like to thank Chris Byrd for taking time to chat with us tonight

CHRIS_BYRD: Thnaks for having me as always Boxingtalk