FREE Round-by-Round: Toney -vs- Ruiz

By Will "AKay" Lassalle


FREE Round-by-Round: Toney -vs- Ruiz

Round 1
Fight starts and a quick hug from Ruiz while Toney bounces on his toes. Toney is coming forward and lands a hard right to the body. Ruiz is jabbing and attempting to land the right after. Another clinch and Toney lands a quick left hook on the break. 2 lefts by Ruiz knock Toney back a little bit. Another clinch and Toney works some body shots in there. Ruiz double jabs while backing up slightly. Toney darts in with a double jab but Ruiz moves to the side. Nice right hand lands by James. Final 10 seconds has a clinch and not much else.

Toney 10 Ruiz 9

Round 2
They meet in the middle of the ring and Toney lands a hard left. Clinch by Ruiz. Smoger breaks it up. Hard right grazes Ruiz and he clinches. John backs up while James moves forward darting in often with jabs. Ruiz clinches and lands about 3 shots to the back of the head of Toney and gets a warning. Fight commences with the fighters trading jabs in the middle of the ring. Toney lands a quick 1-2. Clinch by Ruiz after a missed 1-2 from James. Ruiz lands some hard body shots. Another clinch by Ruiz with Toney working the body in the clinch. Another missed 1-2 and another clinch from Ruiz. Last 10 seconds sees no shots thrown by Toney and a few missed by Ruiz. Toney 10 Ruiz 9

Toney 20 Ruiz 18

Round 3
Round starts with Toney throwing some jabs and throwing a double jab then landing a right while Ruiz backs up. A missed jab from Toney and a clinch from Ruiz. Missed 1-2 from Toney and missed counter from Ruiz. Hard shots upstairs land for Ruiz in the middle of the ring and he lands a majority of them. Middle of the ring and they trade jabs then clinch. Broken up nicely by Smoger. Ruiz upping the work rate and throwing some hard leather. Toney gets caught with a little hook coming in. Last 10 seconds sees Ruiz land a few jabs. Toney 9 Ruiz 10

Toney 29  Ruiz 28

Round 4
Round starts in the middle of the ring with Toney moving forward slowly and Ruiz backing up. Clinch and broken up. Ruiz throws and lands 2 jabs then a quick clinch. Toney lands a hard right over the top. Ruiz with another shot behind the head and Smoger warns him again. Double jab and clinch from Ruiz. Ruiz throws 2 punches then pushes Toney back. Toney prods forward and shoots a jab. Toney lands a huge counter right. Ruiz seems to take it well and come forward with a shot of his own. The fight returns to the middle of the ring. Another counter right from Toney catches Ruiz coming in, while Ruiz lands a good body shot. 1 -2 lands for James in the final 10 seconds. Toney 10 Ruiz 9

Toney 39 Ruiz 37

Round 5
Center of the ring no punches throwing in the first 15 seconds and Ruiz starts off with some feeler jabs. JT steps in and seems to look for counter opportunities. Ruiz backs up but throws short. Toney hasn’t been doing much in the first half of this round. Toney has his back against the ropes and Ruiz lands a few then clinches. Toney with a quick lead left hook that wobbles Ruiz a bit. Counter Right lands while Ruiz throws 2 chopping rights as Toney ducks. Clinch and broken up nicely by Smoger. Ruiz lands a body shot but Toney counters. Last 10 seconds sees more action from Ruiz with Toney looking to counter. Toney 10  Ruiz 9

Toney 49 Ruiz 46

Round 6
More of the same…Ruiz backing up and Toney prodding forward looking to counter. 1-2 lands for Toney then a clinch. Ruiz shoots some jabs while Toney bounces on his toes and seems to be looking for Ruiz to come forward. After a few seconds of this, more of the same as Toney comes forward and Ruiz backs up landing jabs. Toney misses a big shot in the final 10 seconds and Ruiz lands some jabs. Toney 9  Ruiz 10

Toney 58 Ruiz 56

Round 7
Round starts with Toney getting a big knockdown to start the round landing a quick shot! Ruiz claims Toney stepped on his foot. Ruiz is up and starts to land some jabs catching Toney getting a little anxious. Ruiz doesn’t look hurt. Toney prods forward and it’s more of the same. We have a clinch and Toney sneaks some shots to the body and a nice little uppercut. Another clinch and more body shots from Toney. Another clinch after Toney attempts a 1-2. Toney comes forward and Ruiz is popping lots of jabs. Another miss by Toney and Ruiz clinches. Infighting with Toney getting the better of it. A jab then clinch from Ruiz.  Clinch. 1-2 lands for Ruiz while James countered with another right. Toney 10  Ruiz 8 (As they replay the knockdown, it appears as though Toney may have stepped on his foot.)

Toney 68 Ruiz 64

Round 8
Toney tries to start the round quick again catching Ruiz “sleeping’ but not as successful as the last round. Ruiz slips after throwing and missing a big shot. Toney prods forward throwing jabs to try and close the distance and lands a big right but Ruiz holds up. Ruiz clinches. Toney jabs and Ruiz leans on him and pushes Toney’s head down. Ruiz smirks in the middle of the ring. Last 10 seconds has Ruiz landing some, but Toney lands a shot after the bell. Toney 9  Ruiz 10

Toney 77 Ruiz 74

Round 9
Round starts immediately with a clinch and then Ruiz pushes off. Clinch and Ruiz throws some body shots while in the clinch. Infighting in a clinch and Toney gets the better of it with a crisp uppercut and some nice body work. Another clinch broken up quickly by Smoger. Hard body shots land for Ruiz in the center of the ring. Clinch against the ropes. Toney has his back against the ropes and Ruiz throws and lands a few jabs upstairs. Clinch and broken up again by Smoger. Toney comes forward and Ruiz picks him off with jabs. Toney lands a counter right.  Jab-clinch by Ruiz. Center of the ring and they exchange jabs. Ruiz lands a 1 2 on the gloves of Toney. Ruiz pops a ton of jabs in the last 20 seconds, with not much from Toney. Toney 10  Ruiz 9

Toney 87 Ruiz 83

Round 10
Jabs from Ruiz and Toney lands a counter right upstairs. Toney lands some good body work. Clinch and they exchange body shots while Smoger breaks it up. Big right lands for Ruiz and Toney lands a BIG right as well. A lot of plumber crack coming from Toney! Lol. They exchange shots and then clinch. A clinch against the ropes broken up and they immediately clinch again with Ruiz getting the better of the exchange. Ruiz is landing shots while Toney seems to be doing some sort of rope a dope. Toney springs up and lands some shots upstairs. Toney 9  Ruiz 10

Toney 96 Ruiz 93

Round 11
Smoger pulls up Toney’s trunks to start the round. Middle of the ring and both fighters start bouncing.  Toney lands a 1-2 upstairs; Ruiz shoots some jabs and is countered by Toney. Clinch that is broken up by Smoger.  Clinch against the ropes and both fighters look fatigued. Clinch and Toney lands a big right hand upstairs. Infighting in the final 10 seconds and Toney gets the better of it. Toney 10  Ruiz 9

Toney 106 Ruiz 102

Round 12
The 12th and final round starts with the crowd cheering and the fighters touch gloves. Immediate clinch. Toney prods forward and Ruiz gets a bounce in his step. Ruiz looks to land 1-2 shots and lands a right hand that backs up Toney. Ruiz backs Toney against the ropes and lands some shots till Smoger breaks it up. A few shots land for Toney followed by an immediate clinch by Ruiz. Ruiz lands a few body shots and backs Toney up against the ropes again. Toney beats up the body in a clinch. Another clinch and Toney gets the better. Ruiz pushes off of a clinch then lands a few shots upstairs. Another clinch against the ropes that Smoger breaks up. Both fighters look tired. Final 30 seconds and they trade rights with Toney landing a big right. Final 10 seconds and Ruiz clinches and headlocks. Toney 10  Ruiz 9

Toney 116 Ruiz 111

Toney wins unanimous decision with scores of 116-111, 116-111, and 115-112!