FREE Round-by-Round: Corrales -vs- Castillo

By Will "AKay" Lassalle


FREE Round-by-Round: Corrales -vs- Castillo

Castillo walks into the ring to some Mexican music and with Mexican great Julio Caesar Chavez!!!! Corrales enters with a ready look on his face to some rap music!!! While in the ring Corrales is yelling at the crowd for applause.

Round 1
Fight starts with both combatants meeting in the middle of the ring. Diego starts pumping out the jabs. A clinch is broken up by Tony Weeks. Action in the center of the ring. Diego misses a big shot. And they trade hooks. Clinch has some infighting with Castillo getting the better. Tony Weeks warns Castillo. In fighting has Corrales landing some body shots. Castillo gets the better of some exchanges in the middle of the ring then lands a double uppercut on the inside. Tony warns Diego for Rabbit punches. Castillo pops jabs downstairs and upstairs. In a clinch they exchange punches. Corrales lands 2 hooks and then Castillo comes back with hooks of his own. In the final 10 seconds it’s an action packed 10 seconds.

Castillo 10 Corrales 9

Round 2
Round 2 starts with Corrales moving forward but Castillo throwing jabs and solid rights. They clinch and Corrales goes to the body while Castillo goes downstairs then upstairs with hooks. More infighting with Castillo landing an uppercut hook combo. Inside fighting has Corrales land a heavy 1 2 combo. More infighting and they exchange body blows for the next 45 seconds with occasional left hooks and uppercuts by both fighters. Combination upstairs seems to momentarily stun Castillo. Last 10 seconds has Corrales land a big flurry! Corrales 10 Castillo 9

Castillo 19 Corrales 19

Round 3
Round commenced with Corrales jumping on Castillo clinch has Corrales try to sneak in short left hooks and Castillo working the body. They fight on the inside with Corrales getting the better of exchanges while Castillo throws one body shot at a time. Left hook upstairs by Corrales. Uppercuts land for Castillo on the inside at least 3 in a row. 1-2 combo out of a clinch for Castillo. Castillo still landing those body shots followed by uppercuts on the inside. They trade big hooks in the middle of the ring on the inside. Left hook lands for Corrales to the head of Castillo. Last 10 seconds has Castillo land a couple of big shots and a flurry. Corrales 10 Castillo 9

Corrales 29 Castillo 28

Round 4
Round starts with Corrales throwing and missing a big hook. Castillo hooks of the jab in the middle of the ring as now Corrales is fighting from the outside trying to keep Castillo at the end of his punches. Big lead left hook lands for Corrales but Castillo comes right back. Inside fighting has both fighters exchange short punches and Castillo comes up from the clinch with a 1-2 upstairs. Corrales lands a few shots but back comes Castillo with a 1-2 upstairs. Uppercut body shot by Castillo on the inside. Middle of the ring has both fighters fighting on the inside and Castillo lefts Diego’s head up with an uppercut. Castillo 10 Corrales 9

Corrales 38 Castillo 38

Round 5
Round starts with a timeout from Tony weeks to wipe some grease off of Castillo’s face. Time called in. Corrales boxing from the out side now. Looking to counter and jab. Castillo comes forward with a jab of his own and left hooks to the body. More inside fighting and more of the same Body shots and uppercuts from Castillo while Corrales lands short hooks. Castillo’s cut is trickling blood. Castillo’s back is to the rope and now Corrales is throwing uppercuts followed by hooks. Last 10 seconds sees a clinch and more uppercuts from Castillo. Corrales 10 Castillo 9

Corrales 48 Castillo 47

Round 6
Round 6 starts with more infighting and both fighters land good shots. Body shots and hooks upstairs from Castillo. Corrales Lands some short rights on the inside. Uppercuts and hooks from Castillo. Castillo goes upstairs then downstairs this time on the inside. Corrales lands a big left hook to the head that doesn’t faze Castillo. They exchange big shots in the last 30 seconds Corrales waves Castillo on and Castillo gets the better of the exchanges!! Castillo 10 Corrales 9

Corrales 57 Castillo 57

Round 7
Round commences with Corrales throwing heat and Castillo coming forward leading with left hooks/ right hands. Corrales is jabbing and hooking after the jab. Corrales lands a 1-2 catching Castillo coming in. Big 1-2 upstairs lands for Corrales. More infighting and Castillo gets the better of it working the body then the head. Big right hand lands for Corrales that doesn’t hurt Castillo. Corrales with a big combination in the center of the ring. Last 30 seconds as more infighting and Castillo working the body. Corrales lands some heavy leather in the last 10 seconds. Corrales lands a big right that stuns Castillo at the end of the round.  Corrales 10 Castillo 9

Corrales 67 Castillo 66

Round 8
Round 8 starts with Corrales coming with big heat! After a clinch a left right combo from Corrales. Corrales lands some more big shots after separation from in fighting. Castillo sneaks in a low blow that the ref misses. More infighting and Castillo lands a big shot upstairs. A clinch and Castillo works the body. Uppercut from Castillo on the inside and Corrales lands another big hook upstairs. Castillo lands a shot that has Corrales showing his mouth piece! Castillo lands some big shots and Corrales spits out his mouth piece. Castillo jumps at Corrales. Big shots are traded and Corrales lands a big left that wobbles. As a lull in the action Tony Weeks calls time to get the mouth piece back in. Last 10 seconds shows very little. Castillo 10 Corrales 9

Corrales 76 Castillo 76

Round 9
Round commences with more infighting they exchange body shots. Corrales throws 4 straight right hands on the inside with Castillo throwing shots to the head then body. Castillo lands a few uppercuts on the inside and is warned for a low blow. Castillo lands 2 consecutive 1-2s upstairs and then is warned again for a low blow. Corrales lands a big combination that seems to wobble Castillo. Corrales throwing big shots. Castillo comes back and trades rights with Corrales. Castillo lands another uppercut on the inside. Last 10 seconds has Castillo landing more shots but Corrales lands a big right at the bell! Corrales 10 Castillo 9

Corrales 86 Castillo 85

Round 10
Round 10 of this barnburner starts with a time out called by Weeks checking the Tape of Castillo. Corrales goes down from a left hook by Castillo!!!! He gets up at 8! Time is called to get his mouth piece in. Castillo goes on the attack. Corrales goes down again!!! He gets up at 9 and is deducted another point for the mouth piece spitting out! Castillo goes back to work. Corrales lands a big right hand that stuns Castillo!!! Another big shot hurts Castillo. Corrales knocks out Castillo standing up!!! What a fight!!!!

Corrales TKO10