F*** and F****** Weights From MSG

By George Kimball


F*** and F****** Weights From MSG

NEW YORK --- Champion Miguel Cotto and challenger Shane Mosley both weighed 146 1/4 for Saturday night’s WBA welterweight fight at Madison Square Garden, the main event of a Top Rank/Golden Boy card formerly known as “Fast and Furious.”

The Garden and the promoters were left scrambling after receiving a cease and desist notice from attorneys representing the 2003 Ludacris film “2 FAST 2 FURIOUS,” who claimed that the Cotto-Mosley slogan violated their copyright. This necessitated a last-minute makeover in which hundreds of fight credentials had to be reprinted, this time without the “Fast and Furious” logo. Whether the originals were shredded or will imminently turn up on EBay remains unlearned, but the glitch resulting from the threatened injunction left many reporters still  standing in line for the new, non-offending credentials by the time yesterday’s weigh-in commenced.

Cotto and Mosley were followed to the scale by interim WBC lightweight champion Joel Casamayor and his opponent, Jose Armando Santa Cruz. Casamayor weighed 135, Santa Cruz 134 3/4.

Opponents in two bouts slated for the televised undercard were overweight on their first trip to the scale. Golden Johnson was obliged to lose six-tenths of a pound for his fight against former WBO welterweight champ Antonio Margarito (who weighed 146 1/4), while former IBF champion Carlos Massau was half a pound over the contractual maximum of 142 for his fight against California youngster Victor Ortiz (141 1/2).


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