Exlusive Interview: Monte Barrett

By B. Artest


Exlusive Interview: Monte Barrett

BT: How was training camp and what can we expect to see from you against Tye Fields on Saturday night? "Training camp was good. I feel good about Jimmy Glenn training me. I feel great with my sparring and conditioning. As far as what you can expect to see from me on Saturday night, you can expect to see me take it to the next level."

BT: What do you think about Fields as a fighter?

MB: "Tye Fields is an average fighter. There's two good things about him, he stays in good shape and he throws a lot of punches. He's an average fighter and with my age comes wisdom, with my wisdom comes experience and I feel like I have enough experience to be able to deal with a guy like Tye Fields.

BT:  The last time you faced somebody so tall came against Valuev. Things didn't go your way that night, what did you learn from that fight that will make things different against Fields?

MB: "For one, Fields is not Valuev. Valuev was a world champion and two I'm not the same person. What I've done to offset that is train all the way through. Since last July 7 I've been a gym rat. It's not like when I fought Valuev, I did all of my sparring in camp and I hadn't fought in over a year. I've been a gym rat, I've been sparring and I've been in the ring twice in the last six months, so I'm at a much better place going into this fight to where boxing is just like walking to me."

BT:  What are you hoping a victory over Fields does for your career?

MB: "A victory does everything for your career. I'm looking at bigger and better things than Tye Fields, I'm looking at Sam Peter the WBC champion, I'm looking at David Haye if he's looking for a challenge. Tye Fields is just a steppingstone at this point. Nevertheless I'm focused on him and without a victory on Saturday nothing else is possible, so I've got my eyes on the prize."

BT: Do you think this fight will go the distance?

MB: "Nope."

BT: Is this a do or die fight for you?

MB: "Absolutely."

BT: What did you think about the Arreola-Witherspoon fight?

MB: "I thought Arreola looked good, but I definitely know why him and Al Haymon weren't interested in fighting me in February. I can't blame them. If they want to keep undefeated, they should just keep him away from me. He punked Witherspoon, who was fighting very passive. There's nothing wrong with fighting passive if it's part of a plan, but Witherspoon seemed like he had no plan and he didn't know what to do with the pressure. I would love to fight Arreola and maybe after Saturday his people don't turn it down again."

BT:  Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

MB: "It's going to be something spectacular on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it, I'm excited again. I love my job, I love what I do and I want the fans to keep on supporting boxing and supporting me."