Exlusive Interview: Lucia Rijker

By Cara Castronuova


Exlusive Interview: Lucia Rijker

It was breaking boxing news when Lucia Rijker suffered from a ruptured left Achilles tendon that caused her to pull out of her “Million Dollar” fight with Christy Martin, and boxing fans were disappointed that this much anticipated fight was canceled. But the determined Lucia Rijker is making the best out of a bad situation and turning things around as the boxer, businesswoman, and philanthropist is determined to stay busy and focused on other goals while she heals from her injury.

Currently Lucia is in her native country of The Netherlands due to her mother’s sudden death, another unexpected incident that the fighter is dealing with. 

“It was a very life changing, painful experience,” said Rijker.  “At the same time I learned from it.”

Rijker is also undergoing a special physical therapy program in The Netherlands for her injury and at the same time promoting her new book “Lucia Rijker” written by Theo Reitsma, a Dutch sports commentator.  The book is a biography about Rijker’s interesting life inside and outside the ring.  Besides that, Rijker is teaching seminars catered to business executives teaching them how to focus.  Rijker, a devout Buddhist, knows the real meaning of focus as she is undefeated in both boxing and kickboxing and won a total of six world titles.

Considering this, Rijker seems all pugilist but on the contrary the multi-dimensional fighter has big plans for next year as she just sealed a deal to co-host a television program in Bangladesh, where she will also be spending time there with impoverished children “to create a better future for them.” 
“I’m so happy to be able to give my name and time to this project,” said Lucia.  “I could not wish for anything better.”

If that is not enough, Rijker’s immediate future plans include coaching women boxers.  Rijker is developing a program where she can help coach various female boxers mentally and physically through interpersonal training and seminars.
Apparently Rijker believes in giving back to the sport that has given her so much, and she plans to travel Europe to, in her words, “see what is out there in terms of European female fighters compared to American.” 
“This is an amazing time in my life to contribute and give back,” said Rijker.  “I could not wish for anything better.”