Exclusive Post Fight Interview: Danny Williams Part II

By G. Leon


Exclusive Post Fight Interview: Danny Williams Part II

"Tyson's Knee Didn't Stop Him, My Left's And Right's To The Head Did!"

GL: Did you go into the Tyson fight with the understanding that Chris Webb and Straight Out Promotions would co-promote your next three bouts if you won? "That's what I was thinking, yeah. Right now I know they're going through their issues, my job is to go in the ring and fight, so that's what I'm going to focus on. I'll leave that other stuff to them." Lamont Jones is on the verge of being retained as legal counsel.....

GL: Can you tell us what the last couple of days have been like?

Danny Williams: The media attention has been pretty heavy. It's been interview after interview and everywhere I go I'm recognized by people who ask me for autographs and I'm shocked by it.

GL: How important is it to you to keep your name hot right now?

DW: Oh it's very important. I've taken a page out of Antonio Tarver's book for this one. When he beat Roy Jones he did all the shows to get his name out there and that's exactly what I'm trying to do, because if you don't keep your name out there people forget you. It's not only talking about the present because when I fight again I'm going to put on another good show against whoever it is I'm fighting. Right now I'm just looking to keeping it going.

GL: According to a press release Mike Tyson's surgery was a success. Shelly Finkel was quoted as saying that Tyson's injury prevented him from throwing any more real right hands. How do you feel about his remarks?

DW: Everything he's saying is to try to take away from my knockout victory. I knocked him out and there just trying to find excuses. He was getting a lot of leverage on his shots for the whole fight, I just took control of the fight and knocked him out.

GL: Do you think this is their way to make the rematch seem feaseable to anyone who's looking to write him off?

DW: Anyone who knows boxing knows his knee didn't hinder him from winning the fight. It was me landing all those lefts and rights on his head that did it.

GL: I spoke with Evander Holyfield recently and contrary to some of the things you might have heard, Evander told me he doesn't want to fight you.

DW: Really? I was hearing reports from England where he said he wanted to fight me and he wouldn't mind coming over to England.

GL: I can't call it, I guess those reporters over there might not have understood Evander correctly. I speak with him on a regular basis so I know for a fact that he's not looking at that fight right now.

DW: If he ever changes his mind, that's a fight that would get my mouth watering. He's one of the biggest names in boxing and he's another fighter I'd love to add to my record.

GL: What made you want to propose to your fiance in front of the PPV audience?

DW: I knew I was going to win the fight and I was looking for the best way to propose to her, because she's been with me through thick and thin for thirteen years. I felt there's no bigger time than after you beat Mike Tyson.

ALSO: Boxingtalk.com has been informed that Lamont Jones is on the verge of being retained as legal counsel to Danny Williams. Meanwhile, Webb is supremely confident that his three options with Williams will be enforced. Frank Warren, is suddenly claiming the Louisville based promoter has no options on Williams due to a breach of contract. I forgot, nobody was willing to give any options for the chance to fight Mike Tyson and make $250,000 so Webb had no choice but to use Williams...YEAH RIGHT!


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