Exclusive Interviews: Byron Olgesby and Randy Griffin

By James Alden


Exclusive Interviews: Byron Olgesby and Randy Griffin

JA: What’s good Randy? May I have your take on what’s been happening in the middleweight division? " I am blessed to get to this point in my career where people are starting to mention my name. I don’t think that Jermain Taylor will take the fight against me, he knows my skills. A lot of people in the world don’t know who I am but he knows me and I think that he is going to put me in the back seat and let me wait."

JA: Jermain will be fighting in Arkansas in his next fight. Do you think that they are looking to put him in a tough fight or do you think that they are looking to put him in with a guy that they know he can handle?

RG: I think that they can take a tough fight like myself but do I think that it’s going to happen? I don’t think that it will. I think that is why they are throwing Sergio Mora’s name out there.

JA: Tell us how the fight between you and Jermain went down in the amateurs?

RG: I was out boxing him; I was giving him a lot of angles, making him miss. I basically made him look bad. If he wants another opportunity at me to see if he is the better fighter than we can do it again. I would have no problem beating Jermain up on HBO in front of his home crowd.

JA: A lot of people may say that your win over Jermain in the amateurs doesn’t mean anything. Do you think that it means something?

RG: I think so because of the way that I beat him up in the amateurs, I am surprised that he doesn’t want to fight me to see if he can get some revenge, maybe I scared him or something because every time I hear him talk he doesn’t mention my name.

JA: I remember the fight between Shane Mosley and Oscar De La Hoya the first fight. A lot of people didn’t know Shane going into the first fight and he shocked a lot of people when he beat Oscar. Do you feel the same way that a lot of people don’t know who you are but when you get the opportunity you will shine?

RG: You hit it right on the nose right there, that is the way that I feel. I am waiting for the right opportunity to shine and believe me I will. I am going to show my self to the world that I can fight and I am going to expose Jermain Taylor as the fraud to the championship in the middleweight division. He hasn’t really dominated the weight class, he didn’t beat Bernard the first time, the second fight should have been a draw and the Winky Wright fight was close so it could have gone either way.

JA: When we first started talking Randy, not a lot of people knew who you are. Now with everyone calling you out do you feel that you are almost there?

RG: Yes I do. I would like to thank you James and Boxingtalk.com for helping me get to the point where I am at right now, all the publicity and love that you been showing me I wouldn’t be where I am at today. You only seen a glimpse of the real Randy Griffin.

JA: Byron let me get your thoughts on all this?

BO: Right now we are in waiting, are name is in the hat and we know that it’s going to pop up. Whoever waits the latest in the long run its going to be worse for them. Randy Griffin isn’t going anywhere, he is improving, Randy is hungry and more determined to win the championship. Hopefully the business of boxing doesn’t take longer than necessary to get Randy the best fight possible and that is a fight with Jermain Taylor. One way or the other, sooner or later they are going to have to see Randy Griffin.

JA:  Has it ever crossed your mind that Jermain might fight Sergio Mora or someone else and Winky fight Javier Castillo. If that happened or something to that nature happened, Randy would be left out. Has that ever crossed your mind?

BO: It doesn’t even matter, there is a saying that the cream rises to the top. We know what type of fighter Randy is and the type of person he is, whoever gets in that ring with him its going to be bad news for them. Randy is the mandatory for Castiello so that presents a whole nother issue than itself. Randy has an outstanding manager in Roger Levitt, Roger has been with Randy throughout his whole career and he has given Randy and myself that he will do everything in his power and some to make sure Randy’s position is respected. If Jermain Taylor fights Sergio Mora he will be basically fighting a sparring partner, it would be a stay busy fight for Jermain. Hopefully things work out; I think the fight will get made and if it doesn’t than it will get made sometime in the future.

“Jermain has to fight Randy, if he doesn’t fight him now he is going to fight him very soon. If Randy’s name is coming out of his promoter’s mouth that goes to show you that Randy Griffin is a world class fighter.

JA: Do you think that Winky will be fighting at 154 or 160 in his next fight?

BO: What do you say champ?

RG: If he wants some of this than he can get some. He felt the power from Jermain so I don’t know if would want some of this.

BO: He doesn’t want to fight at middleweight.

RG: He isn’t a full fledge middleweight. I am a full fledge middleweight, I have to come down to make the weight, he has to come up to make the weight. If we fought I would put it on him worse than what Sam Solimon and Jermain Taylor did to him.

BO: Winky is going back to 154. He is acting like he is fighting at 160, but all that is a smoking mirror; he doesn’t want to fight any of the big middleweights. Winky is looking for other fights, trust me.

JA: Do you think that if Randy fought Jermain that he would stop Jermain?

BO: First things first, we would win the fight, whether it would be by knockout or decision, we would win the fight. Of course Randy has great power to knockout any middleweight in the world; Randy has the power to knock some Heavyweights out.

JA: Randy talk to your fans out there?

RG: I just want to thank all my fans for all the continued support and all the love you have been giving me. I am one step closer to my dream of being middleweight champion of the world. I would like to thank Boxingtalk.com for always showing me love and doing interviews with me. If you haven’t heard about me, you will soon.


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