Exclusive Interview with Julio "The Kid" Diaz

By Darren Nichols


Exclusive Interview with Julio "The Kid" Diaz

After winning a portion of the lightweight crown last May against then-IBF champ Javier Jauregui, Julio “The Kid” Diaz is looking for a meaningful fight to showcase his raw talent, and prove that he is the best pugilist in his division. So far his calling out of WBA champ Juan Diaz has gone unanswered, but that is not keeping The Kid from searching for another tough challenger to go up against. According to Diaz, he will put his IBF strap on the line to face anyone who deems themselves worthy of such a title shot, and names like Corrales, Freitas, Castillo, and Morales are on the top of his list.

BoxingTalk: Julio, the last time we talked you had such sent a letter to Juan Diaz calling him out to unify the belts. Have you heard back from him?

Julio Diaz: No, I haven’t heard any response yet. He’s not ready. Like I said before, he’s too protected, and I think that’s the way his career is going to go. I want to fight real fighters, but he’s not ready for me yet, he’s still a baby.

BT: I know you don’t feel Juan Diaz is ready for you, but do you think there is any other reason why you haven’t heard back from Diaz?

JD: I don’t think Juan Diaz wants to step up with the big dogs right now. I think I have to look to the world champions right now like Corrales, Freitas, Jose Louis Castillo, and maybe Erik Morales down the line. They are the top champions who are ready to put everything on the line like a real champion. I’ve worked my whole life for my world title, and I earned it the hard way, but yet I’m willing to put it on the line and risk it against guys like Corrales or Morales, that’s how sure I am of myself.

BT: What were your thoughts after seeing such a great fight between Corrales and Freitas?

JD: Corrales is a great fighter and I have a lot of respect for him. I’d love to fight him. He’s the type of fighter that I want to fight, and the type of fight people want to see. I’ll put my title on the line any day against Corrales. I’m hoping that we can work something out by September to fight him.

BT: What is next for you then?

JD: I’m going to move on and continue my career. It wasn’t as though I was begging him for a fight. I don’t need him to further my career, but I do think it’s a great fight that the people would love to see. Juan Diaz is young and has a title, I’m young and have a title, so it will be a good fight.

BT: Has the IBF given you any names of possible opponents?

JD: There are a couple names that they are throwing out, but I won’t know for sure until next week. Darren, I’ll let you and BoxingTalk know as soon as I sign the contract.

BoxingTalk thanks Julio for taking the time to speak with us. We wish him continued success both in and out of the ring. We will keep you informed to who Julio will be fighting next as soon as it comes down the pipeline.


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