Exclusive Interview: Yusef Mack

By Jose Aguirre


Exclusive Interview: Yusef Mack

Jose Aguirre: Hey Yusef, you're in training for a fight on Nov 10. How are you feeling and how is training coming along? "Real good. Staying in shape. Since my last fight I have been back in the gym." What do you know about your opponent if there is one and how are you preparing for him? "We haven't got one yet. They 're still looking but it doesn't matter. Whoever."

JA: How difficult is it for you to prepare for the ever dangerous TBA?

YM:"I don't ask. I really don't ask my trainer about him. I go round by round in the fight. That's how I figure my dude out. I don't even watch a tape a a person because he may not fight me the same way he fought his last fights."

JA: Does it matter who the opponent is on Nov 10?

YM:"Not at all. Hopefully it's someone good so I could get a move up in ranking then."

JA: It's been mentioned that Jeff Lacy-Scott Pemberton is in the works. Is Lacy someone you would like to fight?

YM:"I would love to fight Jeff Lacy. I would love to. I think he's a good person but he has alot of flaws. He intimidates alot of guys with his strength and his strong stuff but I can expose him. He frustrates real easy when he can't hit someone. He frustrates and tries to punch real hard."

JA: You and Lacy have common opponents in Donald Wiggins, a guy who went 8 rounds with Jeff Lacy...

YM:(cutting in)"I knocked him out in the second round. They said I beat Richard Grant better than Jeff Lacy.."

JA: Being an undefeated super middleweight what are your plans in this game?

YM:"To go up to the top. Take me and my squad to the top. There is nothing else but to be on the top."

JA: I've been told your a work horse in the gym and sometimes have to be told to go home. Share with us that part of you.

YM:"I live in the gym. Alot of Philly fighters don't live in the gym but I do. I feel I'm one of the best if not the best one hundred sixty pound fighter out right now. I'm just not getting the exposure that I need. I won two belts without a promoter so there shouldn;t be no problem now."

JA: Would you face Jeff Lacy in his hometown if it came down to it?

YM:"I would love to. It doesn't matter. His hometown, my hometown. If I could fight Calzaghe, Kessler. I would go overseas anywhere as long as the money is right and it's for one of them belts I really don't care."

JA: How do you feel about not being able to get the fights that you want?

YM:"After a while they are going to have to fight me. Once I get to the point where it's mandatory that they have to fight me then I'm there. I'm not really rushing. I'm taking my time. It took this long. They have probably been watching me and heard about me. I'm on their heels. Right behind all of them, chasing them."

JA: What do you think about a guy like Omar Sheika....

YM:(cutting in)"I'll knock him out."

JA: ....who has gotten two title shots in a row and still you can't get the big fight?

YM:"I would love to fight Omar. I ask my trainer all the time can I fight Omar Sheika or Scott Pemberton. I would even love to Antwon Echols. Anybody in the top ten I would love to fight. I would love to fight the guy that Oscar De la Hoya has, Librado Andrade. Anybody in the top ten tell them that Yusef Mack is coming."

JA: Is there anything you want to leave us with?

YM:"I love you all. Watch out for me because I'm the new kid on the block and the next thing that's happening."


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