Exclusive Interview: William Joppy

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: William Joppy

Former two time middleweight champ William Joppy told Boxingtalk.com, "I was just found not guilty on first degree assault charges. I've been spending money on a case all year long for something that doesn't even belong to me. I've haven't made any money all year and this case had me spending it, but the truth came out today. I was found not guilty and now it's just time for me to move on my life." Click here to see what else the former middleweight champ had to say. FREE.

GL: Is this the case where you allegedly broke someone's jaw, went joyriding with them and then dropped him off somewhere?

WJ: That's the one. The whole situation was bogus. The guy got his jaw broken in many different places. When you're working for a tow-truck company his boss was supposed to be liable for all of his medical bills while he's on the job. Okay. He had over $36,000 in medical bills and his boss wasn't insured and owed him six months of lost wages. He took that to court, won, but the guy didn't have any money to pay him since he wasn't insured. Then they came up with the idea of saying William Joppy did it just because it happened on the grounds where he trains at. This was all about money, so they scattered my name all over the place when I was the only person there who didn't know anything about what happened.I felt set-up from day one. I've spent over $40,000 for attorney's this year and it wasn't even my case.

GL: Will those legal fees get covered from the other end?

WJ: Nope, because they're broke. But now I'm going to sue Prince George's County because that's where it happened. The States attorney's office knew it wasn't me. With all of the evidence we presented, it was impossible....I've got three cars paid for, why the hell would I knock out a repo man for taking a car that doesn't even belong to me? What the hell would I do that for, I was getting ready to fight Bernard Hopkins, and even though I didn't paid a lot of money, I made enough to where I could have bought five cars! Think about it. It never made sense and it insulted my intelligence. After they found me not guilty I thanked the ladies and gentleman of the jury and I told the States Prosecutor, 'Now go get the real guy!' But they're not interested in the real guy because they can't get five dollars out of the real guy. He's a no-name who lives with his mother.

GL: Now that you've got this personal dilemma out of the way, when can we expect to see William Joppy back in the ring?

WJ: Real soon. Right now I'm in DC. I'm going back to Jersey tomorrow because I don't train in punk city anymore. We're going to get on the phone tomorrow and let my promoter (Don King) know the situation and tell him we're ready to roll now. Greg, I'll tell ya...what I've been through this year is enough to cause a man to drink, but I'm still alcohol free. This is life and we all go through things. I'm not the type to go to the bottle or anything else because life is tough, but I wouldn't wish what I've been through on anyone. When I fought Bernard Hopkins I had two warrants out for my arrest for cases that didn't even belong to me. I'm ready to rock and roll now, I'm going to stay away from DC and get right in Jersey.

GL: Will your return take place this year?

WJ: I'm not sure yet, but I'm definitely going to know something soon and I'll give you a call as soon I find something out to let you know the deal.

GL: Jermain Taylor was the guy they were discussing before this legal mess prevented the fight from moving forward. Is Taylor still the guy you're gunning for?

WJ: He's still the one. I got my man J.D. Brown talking to Lou DiBella and things are getting ready to get put in the right perspective.

GL: Do you give De La Hoya a chance against Hopkins?

WJ: I think so. I like De La Hoya but he lost that last fight. De La Hoya knows that and he knows everyone else knows that, but what he did was head right back into the gym and now he's training real hard for Bernard Hopkins. I think if it goes the distance and Oscar makes it slighly competitive, De La Hoya wins. Don't get me wrong I think Bernard's going to beat him up, but if the fight a little close, they'll give it to De La Hoya. But Oscar needs to be really careful otherwise he's going to get beaten up for twelve rounds.


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