Exclusive Interview: Wayne Braithwaite

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Wayne Braithwaite

GL: What's good Wayne? "Right now everything is good. I'm just working on my strength and conditioning, weight training and getting ready for my next fight. I don't know when it's going to be, but we're going to meet with Don King soon and see if we could get on that show on August 13."

GL: Are you doing weight training to make yourself a stronger cruiserweight or is to get down to light heavyweight where you belong?

Wayne Braithwaite: "I'm training to become a stronger cruiserweight. I'm training to reclaim what's mine. I want my title back and I will get it back. Mormeck didn't win the war, he just won the battle."

GL: Based on the fact that the first fight was so one sided in Mormeck's favor, what makes you think the rematch would be any different?

WB: "I know in my heart I can beat him. That night I just didn't fight my fight. If we do it again things would be a whole lot different."

GL: I heard you didn't even weigh 200 pounds on the first day of camp. Are you working on the weights to try to fully utilizie the ten extra pounds now available to cruiserweights?

WB: " Yeah it's true, but I didn't take things too seriously. Now I know I need to stay on top of my body. He was the better man that night, but if I do things right next time the fight would be totally different."

GL: Don't you think there's bigger money at light heavyweight?

WB: "Yeah but this thing with Mormeck is personal to me. He took my title and gave me my first loss so I could get it back and give him a loss now. I feel very comfortable at cruiserweight and when I fight Mormeck again it's going to be a completely different fight."

GL: What did you think of the O'Neil Bell-Dale Brown fight?

WB: "Bell lost the fight and Brown got robbed. Those guys should have a rematch too. That was a real gift from the judges. I thought Dale Brown beat the shit out of him and if he had any power he would've knocked him out. Dale Brown fought the smart fight but the judges just gave it to Bell."

GL: I hear you're going to have a new trainer, what can you tell us about that?

WB: "I am going to have a new trainer, but I'm not going to say no names yet. I'll tell you or Ray when I feel it's the right time to say. Until then you have to wait and see."

GL: When will you be ready to fight again?

WB: "I'll be ready by August and me and my mother are going to meet with Don King soon to see if we can get on that show in August."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

WB: "First and foremost and this is going out to Mormeck. You won the battle, but you're not going to win the war. I'm coming for you so you better be ready. And I want to let all my fans know that I'm going to be back much better and much stronger than ever before."


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