Exclusive Interview: Wayne "Big Truck" Braithwaite

By Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Exclusive Interview: Wayne "Big Truck" Braithwaite

Over the weekend Boxingtalk.com spoke to undefeated WBC Cruiserweight champion Wayne “Big Truck” Braithwaite to catch up on the latest going on with him before he heads in to camp to prepare for his unification bout with WBA Champ Jean Marc Mormeck set to take place January 15, 2004 at Madison Square Garden. In this brief one on one exclusive we he clears up the quiet rumors going around about a split between he and long time trainer Colin Morgan, as well as he much much more. Read on to see what else he had to say.

RC: Wayne, How’s training coming along for this fight?

WB: Everything is all right

RC: Wayne, I recently spoke to undefeated Cruiserweight prospect Steve Cunningham, who mentioned to me that you turned down to fight him as a last minute replacement October 2nd, when Mormeck was injured, is there any truth to that?

WB: Who?

RC: Steve Cunningham

WB: (Starts to laugh) that’s news to me.

RC: So that’s news to you?

WB: Yeah, I don’t know about turning down a fight to fight anybody.

RC: Do you even know who Steve Cunningham is?

WB: Yeah some bum from Philadelphia.

RC: What do you think about him?

WB: I don’t think nothing of him.

RC: Had you faced him on October 2nd, how do you feel the fight would have played out?

WB: The same thing that would have happened to Mormeck would have happened to him, but the only thing it would have happened much faster.

RC: What would have been faster?

WB: The fight, Mormeck would have gotten knocked out late, and Steve Cunningham would have got knocked out sooner.

RC: You were originally suppose to face Mormeck this past October 2nd, and now you are set to face him January 22nd, who do you think the extra time benefited more, you or him?

WB: It favors me, it really doesn’t matter though. I just think it gives me more time to relax.  Maybe it favors him because he had to wait three months more to get a beating.

RC: You last fight took place on April 17th against Louis Azille in which you injured your hand in that fight, going into the fight that was to take place October 2nd was your hand 100%, and how does it feel now?

WB: It was good then, but it is a WHOLE lot better now.

RC: Rumor has it that you or no longer working with your long time trainer Colin Morgan, can you elaborate on that for us?

WB: We had a little disagreement but we are still together. We weren’t separated or nothing like that, we just had a little misunderstanding.

RC: Is there any animosity between the two of you still or is everything squashed?

WB: There is no animosity, not at all, everything is going just fine.

RC: In preparation for your last fight you had to move your training camp pout of Florida due to the Hurricane, where are you preparing for the fight this time around?

WB: I haven’t left yet, I am still undecided, but we will figure all of that out this week.

RC: Come January 22nd, what can those watching at home on television and the fans that attend Madison Square Garden expect from the Big Truck?

WB: They can expect to see the same thing they see all of the time, they are going to see somebody getting knocked out and somebody getting beat up.


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