Exclusive Interview: Tyrone Harris

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Tyrone Harris

JA: You are coming off a very tough loss in your last fight. Can you tell us what happened in the fight? "There were some things that I did wrong that I actually learned from now. I fought my opponents fight and I didn’t fight how I usually fight, I just got away from what I know I can do. I got caught with a punch and went down, I got up but I was a little surprised that I got knocked down because that was the first time that I got knocked down before in my career. I got up at the count of 8 and they called the fight. I couldn’t say anything about the stoppage because the ref is there to watch out for the fighter. I didn’t fight my fight and the guy caught me."

JA: Was you disappointed with the stoppage?

TH: Oh yeah I was disappointed. When you know that you can beat somebody and your fighting his fight and something like that happens, I was disappointed. But I am over the loss and I learned from it. If it was going to happen some where down the road I am glad that it happened now rather than later when I am about to fight for a world title.

JA: Did Israel surprise you at all during the fight?

TH: I been fighting a lot of tough fighters and we knew how he was gong to come out and I knew that I was going to take some shots. The plan was to box him and use my jab which I didn’t do. I was so hyped up with being on T.V and I was nervous about being on T.V. that it threw me off a little bit. I think I watched the tape about 15 times and I noticed that I spent most of my energy in the first couple of rounds trying to knock him out to look good on T.V. It was a mistake on my part and I should of kept boxing him and I would have eventually have gotten him out of there.

JA: Is this something that you are going to learn from when you do get another Shobox card to not get over anxious and fight your fight?

TH: Exactly. Like I said I learned from it and I know that in the next fight that I am going to be calmer and more relaxed, fight my fight and I will become champion.

JA: Are you back in training?

TH: Oh yeah. I am in the gym right now working on a few things and just running. Like I said I looked at the tape about 15 times too see what I did wrong. The thing right now is too just stay in boxing and to concentrate fully on boxing. I just need to fight the way I know I can fight and keep doing what I been doing and to never change for anyone.

JA: What’s next for you Tyrone? When would you like to step in the ring next?

TH: Actually after my last fight was done I was ready to step back in the ring and fight again. I am a fighter and I love the sport and this is what I love to do. I am always ready to fight and I love it.

JA: A lot of people now are probably going underestimate you…

TH: [Cutting In] If I get in the ring and the guy doesn’t think that he can win the fight then there is something wrong. I think that this is good on my part because people are going to go in there and say “Oh I can beat this guy, I just seen him on T.V”. There going to underestimate me and that is good because I want to fight the better fighters so that can build me up faster, and it can show that I am the best at 130.

JA: Jesus Chavez is going to be fighting Marco Antonio Barrera. Can I have your thoughts on the fight?

TH: I have seen Barrera fight live but I have not seen Chavez fight live. I believe Barrera is a good fighter and he is starting to use his jab more and I believe that’s a big part in the boxing game. I think that using the jab is one of the hardest punches to use because it’s so difficult when a left hander is fighting a right handed fighter, there jabbing at the same time.

JA: How many more times would you like to fight this year?

TH: I would like to fight as many times as possible. I think last year I fought 10 times, I love fighting, I love traveling and I would love to fight as many times as I can.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing Tyrone to your fans on Boxingtalk.com?

TH: Oh yeah. I just want to say that the fight that I lost was a learning experience and I am going to be champion. I believe in myself 100% and I am going to be World Champion. The guy got lucky and that will never happen again.


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