Exclusive Interview: Travis Simms

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Travis Simms

JA: It’s been a while since we heard from you Travis. Tell us how everything is going and what’s the latest with yourself? "First off the reason that I am doing this interview is to let the world really know what is going on with Travis Simms, I am doing this interview to let all of my fans know what is really going on with. Since my last fight nearly two years ago I’ve been keeping busy and spending a lot of quality time with my wife and family. My wife who is celebrating her happy birthday today on September 11th, she is the world to me and I love her tremendously. During the litigation process I’ve been helping out with the Hurricane Katrina relief and the American Red cross. As far as the boxing situation is concerned, everyone knows the type of fighter that I am with my last two fights that was on HBO PPV. I am looking to come back and claim my status as a world champion and to get rid of all the imposters that call themselves the real WBA champion of the world."

JA: That WBA champion is Jose Rivera. What can you tell us about a possible Jose Rivera-Travis Simms fight?

TS: I’ve been notified by the WBA that we need to fight before the year is out. I am looking forward to fighting Jose Rivera. I even told Jose Rivera at the Luis Collazo-Ricky Hatton fight that he is holding my title for me and I am looking forward to coming back and taking his title from him. If he is the champion at the time, I look forward to dethroning him.

JA: The fight has been ordered to go to a purse bid. Are you hoping that all parties can avoid that scenario of a purse bid?

TS: The purse bid is set for September 16th and at this time I can’t get into specifics on all the numbers that’s been thrown around. I am looking forward to working with Don King on making this fight a reality. If Don is not interested we have other parties that would be interested in promoting this magnificent fight.

JA: You haven’t fought in 2 years. Do you think that you are ready to come back and fight for the world title and do you think that you would suffer a lot of ring rust?

TS: A good fighter never gets ring rust. Since I’ve been off I’ve been staying in great shape. I am looking forward to coming back to the ring before the year is out. I am looking forward to getting back to my winning ways while re-capturing my title. I am not only looking forward to taking over the 154 division, but I am also looking forward to make a big splash onto everyone’s pound for pound board.

JA: Alejandro Garcia is a fighter that you knocked out in the fifth round. Jose recently fought Alejandro and knocked him down 5 times in the fight. Did you watch the fight and may I have your assessment of the fight?

TS: When I fought Alejandro Garcia he was 20-0 with 19 knockouts and I knocked him out in the 5th round with a stomach virus and a hand injury. I want to fight Jose Rivera to prove to the world that I am the true champion in the division. I had a contract that stated that I would fight the winner of Winky Wright-Shane Mosley if I stepped aside. I wasn’t paid a concession fee for stepping aside, if I didn’t step aside that fight wouldn’t have gone through. When Winky beat Shane I didn’t get the right to fight Winky, the WBA allowed Shane Mosley to get his rematch. I think that was a shame for boxing because I was at the top of my game two years ago and I couldn’t show the world what I can do.

JA: So we will definitely see you in the ring before the year is out?

TS: Most definitely. I am hoping that my promoter Don King will be promoting this card, if not we will go to a purse bid where other parties will have the chance to promote this great card.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing?

TS: I just want to thank Boxingtalk.com for conducting this interview with me tonight. I am looking forward to coming back before the end of the year and take what is rightfully mine.


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