Exclusive Interview: Tony Thompson

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Tony Thompson

JA: Congratulations on your victory over Dominick Guinn. Did Dominick do anything in the fight that surprised you? "No because me and my team devised a game plan and I was able to execute it perfectly."

JA: I know that Jason Estrada went to help you in training. How much did he help you getting prepared for Dominick?

TT: They have different styles but Jason is a lot faster than Dominick, I knew that if I could cope with Jason’s speed it would only be a matter of time before I could catch up with Dominick.

JA: When did you know that you had Dominick in the fight?

TT: In the second or third round I knew I had him. We knew that he was going to come into the fight with a lot of confidence because of his win over Audley Harrison, I wanted to go out early in the fight and take his confidence away from him, and I believe I did just that.

JA: At any point in the fight did you think that you could take him out?

TT: I had him hurt a couple of times in the fight, I had him hurt in the 10th and 11th round. I think that he received the benefit of the doubt from the referee.

JA: With the sensational victory over Dominick Guinn, who would you like to fight next?

TT: I would love to fight the boxing banker, Calvin Brock. Calvin thinks that he is the best heavyweight prospect out there right now and thinks that he is going to be the one to bring the title back to the U.S.A. I really don’t see that guy on my level.

JA: How do you think the fight would go if you two did get in the ring and fight?

TT: Pretty much the same way that I attacked Dominick. I would be in great shape and I would use my jab accordingly, I would out work and if the opportunity comes I would close the show on him.

JA: How many more times would you like to fight before the year is out?

TT: At least two or three times this year. I tell people all the time that I am in the intimacy of my boxing career, the more times I fight the better.

JA: What have you been working on in the gym?

TT: I have been working on strengthening up my left hand, better speed, and better combinations. When I looked back at the fight I saw a lot of things that I could have done better.

JA: When would you like to fight again?

TT: I think I am going to have a fight coming up on September 16th but I am not sure yet. If it was up to me I would like to fight every 6-8 weeks, but boxing doesn’t work like that.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing?

TT: I just want the fans to know that I am the type of fighter that is going to always come in great shape and always fight my heart out. I am the type of guy that is always looking to give the fans there money’s worth. I am going to become heavyweight champion and I will be the champion that won’t let the public down.


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