Exclusive Interview: Tomasz Adamek

By Brad Cooney


Exclusive Interview: Tomasz Adamek

Boxingtalk reaches out and over the pond, and into the heartland of Poland to bring you this exclusive interview with WBC Light Heavyweight World Champion, Tomasz Adamek. Tomasz was kind enough to join Boxingtalk.com to talk about his career, and to let it be known that he wants current IBA Light Heavyweight Champion, Glen Johnson. Tomasz also calls out Roy Jones Jr, and Antonio Tarver, and makes it clear that he's not a Champion that dodges anyone. Boxingtalk welcomes Tomasz Adamek!

BT - Tomasz, first of all thank you very much for joining Boxingtalk.com.

TA - Thank you, thank you.

BT - Tomasz you beat Paul Briggs and captured the vacant WBC Light Heavyweight title, how has life changed since becoming world champion?

TA - Life didn't change at all, everything is the same, just now I am World Champion.

BT - You defended your title against Thomas Ulrich ( 28-1-0 ), and won by knockout, what are your thoughts on your performance?

TA - The Ulrich fight was much easier than Paul Briggs, because I had a broken nose 5 weeks before the fight. With Ulrich I was ready, and I knew I was going to knock him out.

BT - Current IBA Ligh Heavyweight Champion Glen Johnson wants Clinton Woods next, but it looks like Clinton Woods is trying to fight someone else before that happens. Is Glen Johnson someone you would like to get a shot at?

TA - I will fight him, or anyone, anywhere in the world. Just like I went to Germany and beat Ulrich. I will come to USA and fight Glen Johnson.

BT - When would you like a fight with Glen Johnson?

TA - We will fight anybody, Don King is our promoter, and we don't have a fightright now. I will be glad to fight Glen Johnson.

BT - Tomasz what are some of the differences you see in American fighters, and European fighters?

TA - There's not that much difference, I have sparred with a lot of American fighters. Paul Briggs is like an American fighter, and I am ready for anybody.

BT - Tomasz what was your amateur record?

TA - I had 120 fights, and I won 110 of them.

BT - Talk about 2006, where would you like to see yourself a year from now?

TA - I would like to fight Glen Johnson, Antonio Tarver, or Roy Jones, anyone they put in front of me.

BT - Roy Jones doesn't have anything going on right now that I know about, there was a little noise about Roy and Joe Calzaghe that but seems to have faded. Talk a little bit more about why a Roy Jones Jr fight would make sense for you.

TA - I think Roy Jones is the legend of Light Heavyweights, and the most popular fighter in the world. I am undefeated, and I would like to prove that I could beat him.

BT - Talk to the fans Tomasz.

TA - I want to thank all of the people for all of their support, I want to say that I want to fight in America because America is the mecca of Boxing. I would like to say hello to all of my boxing fans.

Special thanks goes out to Ziggy Rozalski, and Martin Kwiatkowski for assisting me with this interview.


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