Exclusive Interview: Tim Austin and Aaron Snowell

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Tim Austin and Aaron Snowell

GL: Aaron, what can you tell us about Tim Austin's recent victory on November 11? "Well, he's returning to his championship form. He's fighting hard and he's training hard. It's not going to be long like his manager Carl King said, and he's working hard to get the right kind of opportunities for Tim. We want a title fight and he's exploring those opportunities."

GL: The guy he just fought was pretty much a guy who had no chance of winning...

Aaron Snowell: (cutting in) "He had gone the distance with quite a few champions though. He normally goes the distance with guys even though he loses and for him to quit on his stool after three rounds, it's because Tim was really putting something on him. Tim is already back in training camp in Ohio and he's ready to go again. We're just waiting for the call to tell us who's next. At 122 pounds Timmy's energy levels are high and he doesn't have that drained looked he had as a bantamweight. His conditioning as a whole is much better with the weight that he's carrying. He doesn't have a sluggish look and everything seems to be in championship form."

GL: What's good comeback kid?

Tim Austin: "You already know. I'm sticking and moving. I just had a nice little win. It feels good to get these fights in. We fought down in Louisiana and a lot of people came out to see my talent ans support my comeback. It was great."

GL: When are you getting back in the ring again?

Tim Austin: "As soon as possible. It feels good to be back but I'm not going to be happy until I become champion again."

GL: The last time we spoke you were mentioning some big names. Do you feel ready for the best right now?

Tim Austin: "Definitely. I'm hoping to get in there with any of the big guys by the beginning of next year. I'm ready for them now. I feel excellent at this weight, I'm a lot stronger and I'm just trying to become champion again. As soon I hear what's going to be next I'm going to give you call to let you know. I want the people to know that I'm back, I'm hungry and I have this will...this refuse to lose will. I'm back at it for real so all them big names better get ready.


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