Exclusive Interview: Terry Smith

By Brad Cooney


Exclusive Interview: Terry Smith

On July 21st on ESPN's Friday Night Fights, rising Heavyweight Terry Smith (28-1-1-18KO) squares off against Jameel McCline (37-6-3-24KO). In what seems to be a crossroads fight for McCline, and a huge opportunity for the well spoken, and class act Terry Smith, a win against a well known Heavyweight on National Television can do nothing but good for his career. On July 21st he intends on impressing the national viewing audience by notching his 9th win in a row. Smith's only loss comes via Heavyweight Contender Calvin Brock back in 2004.

BT - What's up trouble-maker ?

TS - Man I'm good, what's up ?

BT - Terry, you have a huge fight coming up on July 21st televised live on ESPN Friday Night Fights. You go up against Jameel "Big-Time" McCline. Give me your thoughts on how important this fight is for you.

TS - This is a very important fight for me, and I would like to thank Jameel McCline for giving me this opportunity. I will once again show everybody that I am ready, and willing to step up to this challenge. I showed everybody this when I beat Julius Long, and when I beat Fernely Feliz, and now I will show everyone again, when I face Jameel McCline.

BT - Terry Jameel realizes that this is a crossroads fight for him, and that a loss against you will more than certainly cost him his career. I am guessing that Jameel will be coming for you early.

TS - All the pressure is on him, not me. Jameel needs to show the world that he's still a supreme athlete. I have no worries, but I know I have to get up for this fight, because a win will change my career as well. One thing about me is that I don't have all of the pressure with the media like he does to win this fight. I am still a so called nobody in the eyes of the media, but come after this fight, I will change all of that.

BT - You went the distance with Calvin Brock, and Jameel Lost to Brock. Terry put it into your words what a win against Jameel McCline does for your career.

TS - A win puts my name in the lights as someone who beat a recognized Heavyweight. I will be on the map, but I still have a lot of work to do, to keep going, and to over-come any obstacles that get in my way.

BT - I interviewed Scott Hirsch ( Jameel McCline's manager ), and he thinks Jameel will not only win, but win dramatically, what are your thoughts on that ?

TS - Well that tells me that he's concerned about me, and you know what? He should be. He must not have seen my past fights, because I don't have a glass jaw. When I fight, I fight smart, and I give it 100 percent. If this guy thinks he's going to knock me out, especially early, all he's going to do is tire himself out, and let me pick my way towards the end of the fight. I am prepared to go 5, 10, 12, don't matter. If Jameel McCline thinks he is just going to walk all over me, he's got another thing coming.

BT - Terry, have you ever fought a guy this big? Jameel McCline is a very big man, how do you match up against this guy ?

TS - Well as far as size goes, I don't match up with him, but that's where boxing comes in. I am going to use his weight, and his size against him. If I am not there for him to hit me, and he's the bigger man, he's going to tire out. If Jameel doesn't box smart, he's going to be the one on the canvass, not me.

BT - Terry this fight is in Oklahoma, you are from Arkansas, right next door. Do you expect a big Terry Smith crowd to show up for your fight to route you on ?

TS - Definitely, I already have a lot of people calling me now asking about tickets. I hope that the people show up, and see this fight because I have fans in Arkansas, and Oklahoma. I am expecting a lot of people to watch this fight on ESPN as well, because this is going to be a great fight.

BT - Terry I like this match-up, and I think it's going to be a good fight. You are one of those guys that just comes out and wins, and stays off of the radar. This all could change for you with a win against Jameel McCline on national television.

TS - Yes it can change for me, and like you said I am one of those fighters that people have heard of, but may not have seen me. I am a hard worker, and the people will see this when I step into the ring against Jameel McCline.

BT - How has camp gone so far ?

TS - It went great, I am sparring with Kevin McBride a big 6ft 7in 280lbs, he beat Mike Tyson. I have a great team getting me ready for this fight, hey again if Jameel thinks I am going to be a walk in the park, he's got another thing coming.

BT - Terry is there anything you would like to say to the fans in closing ?

TS - Hey I just want to thank Boxingtalk, my fans who have supported me, and to the people of Plymouth Mass where I am training. Check out Terry Smith against Jameel McCline on ESPN Friday Night Fights, July 21st!


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