Exclusive Interview: "Sugar" Shane Mosley

Video Interview By G. Leon Transcribed By Jose Aguirre


Exclusive Interview: "Sugar" Shane Mosley

Greg Leon: The Mosley Family paid a visit to G. Leon in the boogie down Bronx. We got some spades on. Before we get into any questions about boxing tell the world what happened in that spades game.

Shane Mosley: The first game we won. Second game there was a little bit of monkey dealing going on.

Jin Mosley: (to Greg) On your part.

SM: On my part?

JM: No on Greg's part.

SM: (continuing) Oh, on Greg's part. Yea, ok. And the third game they were bidding four and making eight books but you know, they won two games out of that.

GL: I didn't want to do it but we got to win. Welcome to hell. Beating them like that got the Mosley's coming back on Thursday so we might be able to get ya'll twice as much footage. All your Boxingtalk members got to email me and say "Thank you Greg and Tiffany for beating Shane and Jin's behind in spades so now we're going to get twice as much footage". That nobody else is going to get. So what's popping Shane? You in New York, you're here kicking it in your loose time. Are you enjoying the experience in NY and just tell us how New York's been.

SM: New York's been good. Its been relaxing. My family and kids and everybody, we're having a good time. Going out to the clubs a little bit.

GL: When is camp for the Winky Wright rematch on Nov. 20th officially going to start?

SM: Camp starts September, sometime in September, not really sure. But we're going to work it out with Joe.

GL: Winky Wright rematch on Nov. 20th. Is it going to be at the Mandalay Bay again?

SM: Yea it's be at the Mandaly Bay.

GL:What are some of the things we can expect to see you do different in this rematch?

SM:You're going to see probably a little bit more power and speed. You know, alot of movement. Keep my hands up pretty high. I won't feel like I did in the last fight so I think me feeling sixty, seventy percent better it should be a different outcome.

GL: Winky Wright is a very fundamental southpaw who boxes well and has a tight defense. How important is it for you to outwork him with sheer volume punching and put him in a positions where he has to get in exchanges with you?

SM: I think it's very, very important and I think that he's going to want to get into alot of exchanges with me. This is the way he fights and I play pretty good with my hands.

GL: I spoke with Winky recently and he's been doing a little bit more than average talking. He says thats in this rematch there is no doubt about it "If Shane comes to fight" he's going to knock you out. How do you feel about that?

SM: It's pretty interesting coming from a guy who doesn't really have any knockout power but it makes me feel good though. That's good. It lets me know there's going to be a good fight.

GL: Are you a little confused that he couldn't knock you out when you were, according to what you say, twenty-five percent of yourself. How's he going to do it when you're sixty, seventy percent better than that?

SM: Yea that is kind of confusing but that's ok. I like that he has confidence and that makes the fight that much exciting, much more exciting.

GL: How much of a difference do you anticipate Joe Goossen being in your corner for Winky?

SM: I think that it's going to be good. He's a very technical type of trainer and it's going to work out real good.

GL: The two of you guys are real calm dudes. Joe is on some (imitating Joe Goossen) dig it, dig it and you're just a laid back dude. Do your personalities mesh well and is that going to lead to better line of communication in the corner.

SM: I think so. We're both calm but I'm very intense when it comes within. Very, very intense. I psyche myself up alot. Just because I don't talk as much or I don't yell and scream and all that other stuff I'm very much, very much competitive so it's going to be on.

GL: Coming into 2002 most people had Shane Mosley sitting on top number one pound for pound list. Since then there's been a rollercoaster. You've gone through your ups and downs. What is it about your character that help you persevere throught those times and be successful again and reachieve success?

SM: I think that me not listening and worrying about where they put me at pound for pound weather it's one, five, ten, twenty. Whatever it may be it really doesn't matter. I love the sport. I love to fight and that's why people come to see me fight because they love to see action and I put a little action.

GL: The Sugar Shane Mosley that we're going to see on Nov. 20th, as confident as a fighter and as confident in himself as the Sugar Shane Mosley who was coming into the first Vernon fight?

SM: Definitely, definitely. Confident, I'm more confident than ever. I'm confident coming into the first Oscar fight, the first Vernon fight. Whatever fight I come into I'm always confidence and I'm going to stay that way.

GL: Was it a situation that your confidence was always there or....

SM: (cutting in) My confidence always stayed there. I never stopped believing in myself and that's the most important thing to anybody. If you stop believing in yourself you might as well retire and give up. There's no quit in me.

GL: How do you feel about the people who are questioning your decision....

SM: (cutting in) I don't care about what the people say. I don't care about what they think or question my decisions or none of that. I love to fight and that's it.

GL: So you just block all that stuff out? You don't even read that? You leave that to Jin?

SM: Hey I don't even read it. I don't even hear it. Sometimes I don't even know who's fighting or what fight, what's going on. I just do my thing. I go to the gym, workout when I need to an do what I got to do. My mission is to be the best out there and that's it.

GL: Shane just touched the deck of cards that we waxed them with in case you all missed that.

JM: They don't care.

GL: They do care.

SM: (laughing)

GL: (laughing)I spoke with Judd recently at Foxwoods. I asked him what are the chances that GSP, your current promoter, who has one fight left with you, is going to promote your next fight after Nov. 20th. He basically insinuated it's highly unlikely. Can you reitirate to us and tell us why you concur with Judd or if you concur with Judd? Give us the low down on that.

SM: Yes, it's not likely that Gary will be working with us again. We have our problems. Maybe Jin, my wife can tell you more about it. Like I said I don't really deal with that. I just kind of deal with fighting and stay focus on that. When I start thinking about it those are the type of things that take me away from what I do best so I'm going to stand on what I'm doing best and that's it, I'm going to focus on that.

GL: Now we ask Jin.

JM: What are you going to ask me?

GL: Early you said Judd Burstein should have said something. What should have Judd Burstein said?

JM: In reply to your question Judd should have let you know that Gary probably has a better chance at promote Sugar Ray Robinson's next fight before he promotes Sugar Shane's next fight.

GL: (to Shane) Before the Winky Wright fight in March there was alot of talk that the Felix Trinidad-Shane Mosley fight was virtually a done deal. Obviously now we're looking at a Winky rematch and that never happened. Providing your successful against Winky in the rematch on Nov 20th where does Tito Trinidad fit into the Shane Mosley mix?

SM: First of all Tito was not really a done deal. It was more like a shake saying that considering I won the fight that we would do the next fight. The deal wasn't done on our part. Maybe there were other people working around trying to make the deal happen but we wasn't aware of it.

JM: We were unaware of the negotiations going on.

SM: She didn't know anything about the negotiations so it wasn't a done deal. It was just agreed that it was an option that I would fight the next fight. Trinidad, assuming he stops Mayorga hopefully we could do a fight after this next fight. It'll be a good match.

GL: Before Mayorga lost to Corey Spinks, it was going to be Mayorga-Mosley. Then before the Winky fight happened it was going to be the Mosley-Trinidad. Are you just focusing on the fight you have in front of you because every time you look past another fight something happens to go wrong then it falls apart?

SM: Actually yea. I really don't look past any fight. I love to fight each and everybody. The person that's in front of me I want to fight and I want to win. That's what I'm trying to do. I don't look to another fight. When I was getting ready for Winky I was getting ready for a southpaw. I didn't want to spar with right-handers and I didn't think about what was going on with Trinidad becaue he's a right hander which is a different fight.

GL: Middleweight. In the past we've discussed the possibility of Shane Mosley as a middleweight, you said it was a possibility. How serious is a possibility do you see that being for your future?

SM: Very serious possibility. Bernard is probably fourty or fourty-one when we even get into the ring so that would be a great fight. That's about it. I can deal with that and that I'll just probably stay at one fifty-four. I think fifty-four is the weight for me.

GL: You're talking about Bernard. Is it a forgone conclusion in your mind that he beats DeLaHoya?

SM: Not really. Like I said he's almost fourty years old so DeLaHoya might have some tricks in his bags where he can catch him with something. Especially if Bernard underestimates Oscar DeLaHoya. He is a good boxer and he does have some skills so you can't overlook him.

GL: In the past we've talked. We've done several interviews and in the past you've made it clear that you plan on fighting until your thirty seven, thirty eight. Is that something you still see yourself doing?

SM: I could see myself fighting at thirty seven, thirty eight. Yea.

GL: How does your wife feel about that?

SM: She doesn't feel too good about it but boxing is in my blood. I'll probably be around boxing forever. In fact, till the day I die.

GL: Do you see yourself training fighters when you're done?

SM: Definitely. That's always an option to give back to the fighters coming up so they can become world champions. I've done it several times and if I can get another young guy a shot to become a world champion, many many guys to become world champions. That'll be a great thing to me.

GL: Since you severed your professional relationship with your father what has your relationship with him like? Are you two on speaking terms, speaking often?

SM: We speak all the time. I drop my kids off at the house. Say what's up. Hang out and talk a little bit about whatever. So yea we're definitely on speaking terms. I can come over anytime I want to. I could stay there, camp out (laughs).

GL: Joe Goossen recently helped Diego Corrales figure out the southpaw stand for Joel Casamayor. He boxed him effectively and ended up winning that fight. Do you expect Joe Goossen to have as much of an impact in this rematch with Winky as he did in the rematch with Corrales and Casamayor?

SM: Yea I think that Joe is going to do a pretty good job. He's a technical trainer and I think that we really work good together.

GL: Winky Wright was the agressor for much of the first fight. In this Nov 20th rematch can we expect the roles to be reversed and do you plan on being as agressive as you were in the rematch against DeLaHoya where you were clearly the agressor throughout?

SM: I'll definitely be the agressor for the next fight but how I fight will be the plan that me and Joe go over.

JM: Shane's not going to be doing any interviews once he goes into training. You might wanna state that.

GL: Oh, Shane's not going to be doing any interviews once he goes into training. Jin said we might want to state that so that puts a capital E on this one. (whispering) For the excuses.

SM: Yea probably not with maxboxing so you can edit that right now.

GL: Before the whole rematch with Winky got finalized there was talks about you possibly joining DKP. You guys had meetings where the discussions looked good and then Judd Burstein and Don King got into screaming matches that brought the negotiations to a halt. Are the Shane Mosley-Don King discussions something you expect to resurface and rekindle or is that a dead issue?

SM: I don't know. We have to see what options are out there and what Don has to offer. And fights coming up. You never know, in boxing you never know what's going to happen.

JM: For Don there's always an open door.

GL: Is there anything you want to say in closing other than the fact that they took a big L(ose)?Two of them, in spades. Double L.

JM: Let him have that.

SM: No comment.


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