Exclusive Interview: Steve Molitor

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Steve Molitor

JA: You're 22-0 now. Are you looking to make your splash in the 122 pound division with some of the big fights like Israel Vazquez and Oscar Larios…SM: [Cutting In] Without a doubt, I am not even looking at Larios I am looking for the cream of the crop in the division. I would like to fight Israel Vasquez and there is talk of me fighting him because I am ranked number one in the IBF.


JA: How do you think that fight would go?

SM: It would be like I tell a lot of people around me; it would be a repeat of the 1993 Pernell Whitaker-Julio Cesar Chavez fight. I would out class him and he is one dimensional, I would put the “Sweat Pea” on him.

JA: So you are calling out Israel Vasquez?

SM: I am calling out any big name in the division. I have been fighting for 17 years now and I am going to be 26 in April, I am 22-0 and I want to do this for my self and for everybody around me. They want to see me step up to the plate and I am willing to step up to the plate.

JA: A lot of fighters don’t come out of Canada; do you feel a lot of added pressure being one of the only male fighters out of Canada to be in a position where you are?

SM: No I don’t feel any added pressure, in Canada we have had some great fighters come out of here. I feel that I been under pressure my whole life to perform, it’s a lot of pressure whether it’s the whole country or it’s just you in there, to me it doesn’t matter. To me I fight to make my self proud and to win for my self.

JA: Are you looking to move up in weight or is this your premier division?

SM: I am a big 122 pounder. Eventually I would like to get a title at 122 and then move up to 126 and then 130. I was sparring with Erik Morales when he was getting ready to fight Paulie Ayala and I was a lot bigger than Erik, if he can be at 130 than I definitely can be at 130.

JA: How did you handle yourself in that sparring session?

SM: I handled my self well, I was very in experienced at the time and I had a different coach than I do now. Back then I had a European style coach who was very up tight. Now I have Chris Johnston who fought Antonio Tarver and who was an Olympic bronze medalist. We have made so many changes to my style, I changed to the North America style and I feel so much better and more comfortable in the ring than I used to. I am not so up tight any more and I feel more relax.

JA: Do you feel that a lot of the 122 pounders in the world may not want to fight you because you are a big 122 pound fighter?

SM: It’s a possibility. I am a south paw and a lot of people may feel that they don’t have a lot to gain by fighting a south paw from Canada, its all risk and no reward for these guys. If all the guys in the division had the mentality “To be the best you have to beat the best” than they will come up to the plate and fight me.

JA: When would you like to fight next?

SM: Where looking at late April. I have been training the last couple of weeks and hopefully we get something done with Vasquez.

JA: Do you think that this fight is imminent?

SM:  It’s a good possibility because are camps have been talking back and forth. We are just banging out the details right now. His mandatory was supposed to be for October but they allowed him to fight Larios and now his mandatory is passed due.

JA: I know you don’t want to get to ahead of yourself, but if you win the title what would you like to do when you win the title?

SM: Well I like to take things one step at a time, but I also like to look out for the future. I look for the biggest, brightest opportunities for my self and what is going to excite the people and put the most amount of money in my bank account. I am not scared of fighting anybody; I will fight anybody as long as it’s right for me. If the purse is good and that is what the fans want to see, that’s what I will do.

JA: Do you have the power to knock Israel Vasquez out?

SM: Most definitely. People will probably look at my record and only see 8 or 9 knockouts but like I said my style has changed. I plant my feet a lot more, my last two fights have ended in knockouts. I feel a lot stronger and I plant my feet a lot more now, so the power is there. I need to get more and more fights to show the people that the power is there. That is what happened when I went to New Jersey to fight Ben Tappa who is from New Jersey and he has never been knocked out in his 23 fights; he found out that I have power.

JA: How has the work been for you in the gym and are you anxious to get back in the ring?

SM: Oh yeah I am anxious to get back in the ring, I have been sparring quite a bit and I want to fight again, that is what I love to do is fight.

JA: Would you like your next fight to be on HBO or a Shobox card?

SM: Most definitely, especially HBO that is where the money is. A lot of fighters say they fight for the love of the game but everybody fights for the paycheck. HBO is where the money is and I would love to fight on HBO. I would also love to fight on Shobox like you said and get a bigger payday.

JA: So your next fight will definitely be on TV, correct?

SM: Most definitely, it will definitely be a televised fight. A lot of people in Canada know who Steve Molitor is but I want the world to know who Steve Molitor is as well


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