Exclusive Interview: Steve “USS” Cunningham

By Matt Goldstein


Exclusive Interview:  Steve “USS” Cunningham

"Expect USS Cunningham to sail in there, drop some bombs and leave with the title."

Boxingtalk goes one on one with the IBF Crusierweight Champion Steve "USS" Cunningham just one day before the champ sets off for Germany.  What lies ahead for the Steve is what most likely will be his toughest test to date, a bout with the hard hitting Yugoslovian Marco Huck.  Now a resident of Germany, Huck will have the home town crowd in his favor, not to mention being a 4-1 betting favorite.  Both fighters have proved themselves against some of the stiffest competition in the division with Cunningham beating Guillermo Jones and taking the title from Krystoff Wlodarczyk in a rematch. Marko Huck recently won a majority decision against the previously undefeated Vadim Tokarev.  

MG: Can you give me your thoughts on the fight?

SC: Steve USS Cunningham is still IBF Champion of the World. 

MG: What do you think of Marco Huck as a fighter?

SC: I got about 5 or 6 fights on him.  He’s pretty decent and he’s earned his spot as the number 1 contender and now he’s got to fight me.  I don’t think he has what it takes to beat me.

MG: After watching 5 or 6 fights, what do you think Huck brings to the table?

SC: I expect him to bring pretty good power and speed and I expect him to bring his A game.  I will bring my A game but I expect to win every time. 

MG: How have preparing for this compared to others

SC: More intelligence in the ring.  Thinking more and being smarter.  I am focusing on the more positive attributes of my game. 

MG: How do you feel about going oversees three times in a row?

SC: Man, ya know, I feel it’s my destiny.  I am Steve “USS” Cunningham, the ship of war.  We picked this name because it’s a commission ship just like where I started boxing in the navy. 

MG: Who is your trainer right now?

SC: Anthony Chase, he was my amateur trainer before I went with Richie. 

MG: How is Brother Nasim doing and can he still train fighters after the stroke? 

SC: He is doing great and he is training his son and other fighters.

MG: What do you think of the cruiserweight division right now and David Haye possibly vacating and moving up to the heavyweight division?

SC: The Cruiserweight division is one of the hottest divisions in boxing and the title can change hands in any given night because there is so much talent.  If David Haye vacates and moves up to heavyweight, that just opens the division up even more.

MG: If you could say anything to Marko Huck fans, what would it be?

SC: Expect USS Cunningham to sail in there, drop some bombs and leave with the title.

MG: If you could say anything to Marko Huck what would it be?

SC: Expect the worse! Expect my best! 

MG: Anything you’d like to say to the boxing world?

SC: Winning this fight will keep me champion and I just cant wait for the fans to see me on a televised bout and know that I am a true champion.

MG: How did you feel about being a 4-1 underdog in the betting line?

SC: I mean you gotta view that these people see me as an American and that I am going oversees so the odds are against me.  The odds were against me in the Krystoff fight and they are against me now so it’s no big thing.  The odds have been against me my whole life 

MG: What do you mean when you say the odds are against you in life?

SC: Well, being African American, coming from a broken family in the ghetto, being shot at and my dad being on drugs; just things like that.  The odds were against me since birth so I look at it like that. 

MG: Is there anything you’d like to say in closing.

SC: I am going over to Germany in the strength of God in Jesus name and that’s my power.  I thank everybody for my prayers and for the prayers for my daughter.  She is learning to walk now and it’s a beautiful thing.

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