Exclusive Interview: Stacey McKinley

By Krishen Rangi


Exclusive Interview: Stacey McKinley

Tell us about training Sam Peter. We're training in Nigeria. Uyo Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. Right now he's in the high altitude. We're working on the oxygen. Just in pre- training. Been here for 3.5 weeks. We'll probably be back in the States in July.

Obviously the target in the division is Klitschko. As a trainer how would you assess Klitschko?

The Klitischos are both very good, very rangy, very smart, excellent corners, excellent manager. They're not average fighters, they've been on top a lot of time, they're always going to be in top few fighters.

Are you planning to have Peter fight both of them?

One at a time. Knock out the older one out first then knock out the younger one...Really we want to knock both of them out together.

Do you think Wladimir Klitschko avoids dangerous fights by hiding behind mandatories?

I think he basically takes all comers. I haven't seen anyone who he's ducked--he's been winning. He has a great trainer in Emmanuel Steward, has a great mind in Shelly Finkel. You're not dealing with amateurs. But I think the only true heavyweight that can dominate the heavyweight division is Samuel Peter. He's only 27, he can punch and he's strong. Now he's getting the training he needs. He fights between 245-250, right now he's weighing 260 which is good for him. He didnt have much amateur so he's getting the training he needs. I trained him for Toney. He's getting better and better each time he fights.

How questionable is Wladimir Klitschko's chin? He's been down many times in his career, 3 times against Peter when they fought in 2005.

A lot of fighters don't have the greatest chin. Larry Holmes didn't have the greatest chin, Tommy Hearns didn't have the greatest chin. The problem is you have to get to the chin. If we don't get there, it's just talk. Getting to the chin is not that simple.

Is Klitschko good for American boxing?

Heaywight boxing is about knocking people out. It doesn't make any difference where he's from. He's great, just like Samuel Peter is great for boxing. Oleg Maskaev was great for boxing too and we beat him. He beat Hasim Rahman twice, knocked him out of the ring.

You trained Mike Tyson for a while. Do you see any parallels between Peter and Mike?

I was with Tyson for ten years. One thing I can tell you is, regardless what they say about Tyson he was humble person. Peter is the same way.

No, I mean power wise?

Speed is power. Mike had a little more speed, but Samuel Peter is a lot stronger. Mike had a lot more amateur experience. Sam's got a good team, good training. Sam's is the WBC champion, that's the most important belt. But we want to fight the best.

Is Sam with Don King exclusively?

Don and Dino Duva both. It's a dynamite team.

Mayorga has been quiet for a while...Mayorga/Pavlik has been rumored.

It's a possibility Mayorga might be fighitng Pavlik