Exclusive Interview: Spencer Fisher

By Percy Crawford


Exclusive Interview: Spencer Fisher

One of the UFC’S most exciting fighter’s makes his Boxingtalk debut!

PC: How has training gone for your fight against Hermes Franca on January 25th?

SF: Great! Training has been going great. I’m doing three a days right now. I just have to get this weight to come off.

PC: Is it becoming a struggle for you to make 155 pounds?

SF: These past couple of times, it’s been easier. This time I’m having problems and I’m not sure why. Maybe I started my diet too late, but I will make weight.

PC: We are less than 2 weeks away from the fight. What do you think of Hermes as a fighter?

SF: He’s tough man. This is going to be a tough fight for me.

PC: He’s submitted several of his opponents. He will also bang and that’s what you like to do. How do you see this fight playing out?

SF: I think he’s going to try and take me down and I’m going to try and knock him out standing.

PC: You always seem to enjoy yourself in the octagon. Is that because you enjoy fighting so much?

SF: That’s just my style. I love my job and I go in there and go for broke.

PC: You are one of my favorite fighter’s because of the way you bring it. How important is it to you to entertain the fans as well as get the W?

SF: Thank you! It’s very important. I like to keep it exciting. The fans are a major part of the sport and I like to keep them happy. I just go all out.

PC: I know you’re not overlooking Hermes, but I’m sure the ultimate goal is Sean Sherk. You have a great chin to bang with guys, but how will you approach a Sherk fight knowing he’s looking for the takedown so much?

SF: Sean is the champion and he got there with his strong wrestling game. My weakness; I guess you can call it, is my wrestling. If that fight was to happen, I would definitely have to work on my ground game, but I would try to keep it standing.

PC: How exciting is it for you to know that the lightweight division is back into the UFC?

SF: I’m very excited. I think it’s the toughest division in the UFC. Every fight in the lightweight division is exciting and all the fights are tough. We throw our bodies around and we bring it man.

PC: B.J. Penn seems to be coming back to the lightweight division. What is your thoughts on that?

SF: B.J. is great. I think he makes for good fights and I think it’s great if he comes back to the division.

PC: What got you into MMA and why do you think it’s so popular?

SF: I took karate as a kid and I got beat up by a boxer, so I wanted to learn different forms. This was the only thing that I was good at, so I stuck with it. I think MMA and the UFC is so popular because you never know what’s going to happen. I’m not trying to diss boxing or anybody else, but in boxing, you know how a knockout is going to happen. In MMA, it could be from a knee, elbow, submission, kick and that’s exciting. I think the reality show has helped a lot too.

PC: Is there any added pressure for you to look good being in the Miletech camp with guys like Matt Hughes and Tim Sylvia or is it more competitive with you guys pushing each other?

SF: No. Not really. Sometimes it gets that way, but for the most, we’re there for each other. We’re like a family and we are there to help one another.

PC: You finished the Matt Wiman fight with a flying knee. Is that something you work on or did opportunity just present itself?

SF: I actually work on that a lot in the gym. I’ve done that in a couple of my fights now and it hit its mark in the fight with Wiman. I actually did it in my last fight and it caught the guy on the shoulder. Yeah, I work that knee a lot!

PC: Good luck on your fight on the 25th. Is there anything you want to say in closing?

SF: I want to thank my sponsors, Multi-Power, Tapout and Fantasy Fight Club!


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