Exclusive Interview: Shaun George

By Brad Cooney


Exclusive Interview: Shaun George

Light heavyweight contender Shaun George is looking for big things in boxing.  George will face a tough challenge on December, 6th when he faces Eric Harding at the Robert Treat Hotel, in Newark, New Jersey.  George got the biggest win of his career by defeating light heavyweight contender Richard Hall back in May of 2007.

BT - What's up Shaun, what's the latest?

SG - I am facing Eric Harding on December 6th, at the Robert Treat hotel and I am looking forward to that one.

BT - Will Eric Harding be your toughest challenge so far?

SG - No, I don't think so.  I beat Richard Hall on ESPN, he fought the same guys that Eric Harding has fought.  I think Harding is a little bit craftier than Hall is, but I will come out the victor.

BT - How do you see yourself matching up against this guy?

SG - I see myself being the victor.  I think I am bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter.  I am trying to get into the top ten, and then a title shot by December of 2008.  I am looking to make a statement against Eric Harding.  I am looking to do damage against Eric Harding.

BT - Do you feel that you will get that title shot by December 2008?

SG - It should be soon, I only look to fight the best fighters in the world.  If the best fighters don't want to fight me, then I am looking to fight the next guys in line.  I am willing and able to fight anybody out there.  I am fighting every few months, and I am looking forward to fighting the best fighters out there.

BT - Is Glen Johnson someone that you would be interested in fighting?

SG - Glen Johnson doesn't want no part of me, seriously.  I am done chasing him, we tried to get him to fight me a few times this year.  They didn't answer, then he turned down Anthony Hanshaw.  I am not looking at Glen Johnson, but if it happens it happens.  I am willing to fight Antonio Tarver, Clinton Woods, Chad Dawson, Roy Jones Jr, Bernard Hopkins, anyone of those guys.  If they don't want to fight me, I am willing to fight anybody in the top ten, anybody.

BT - Talk about your team.

SG - My adviser is the legendary Lou Duva, and my trainer is Tommy Brooks.  Right now things are really clicking, and for the first time in years I am really enjoying the sport of boxing.

BT - Most of the guys that you mentioned that you would want to fight already have dates, and opponents.

SG - Well I know it's a business, and right now there are guys like Chad Dawson, and Tarver that are looking for the big name guys.  I just want a chance to fight the best guys out there to get into the top ten so I will be able to fight those top guys.  Why not keep boxing alive and let the best guys fight each other?  I am tired of seeing the older guys fight the other older guys. 

BT - The networks like HBO, and Showtime want guys that will sell tickets, get good ratings, and put on good shows.  In your words why does Shaun George make sense for HBO and Showtime?

SG - I am injury free, that means trouble for everybody.  On December 6th if anyone has any doubts about me, you will see.  All I am asking for is one chance, one opportunity.  After I fight Eric Harding, everybody will see what I am talking about.

BT - Put it into your words how important this fight is for you against Harding, and to win convincingly.

SG - people rate you based on your performance.  I understand that, it's about how you win.  I am looking to give Eric Harding the beating of his life, or a spectacular knockout.  It's very important for me to win impressively.

BT - What style do you bring into the ring?

SG - I am a boxer puncher.  I am becoming more of a puncher, I am a little bit more aggressive than what people are used to seeing of me.

BT - What kind of amateur background did you have?

SG - I won a couple of national titles, I won the New York Golden Gloves. I won the nationals, and the Junior Olympics.  My amateur record was 51 wins and 7 losses. 

BT - Do you have any closing thoughts for the fans?

SG - I just want to thank everybody for their support, I really appreciate it.  For those who don't believe that I will be world champion, I want to thank you too, just for watching.  Come out and support the show on December 6th!


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