Exclusive Interview: Sergio Mora

By Michael Doss


Exclusive Interview: Sergio Mora

BT- What’s happening Sergio? "Nothing much brother.  Just doing promotional things with the contender. Been doing that, traveling, going with Sugar Ray Leonard to fundraisers and I took a vacation to Hawaii with my brother. Just been hanging out, just doing the things that I do after a win. I had a good victory, so now just chill and do some things that I couldn’t do while training."

BT- Your last win over Manfredo was controversial to some people more than others. What are your thoughts about it now, and do you feel any different about it?

SM- I do think it was a good fight, after I watched it on video I was convinced that I won clearly. Part of the fight, I knew that maybe I pulled it off. At worse I thought it was a draw, when I was actually fighting. Then when I watched it on video I gave myself 5 rounds man, so I can’t understand some people say it was a Manfredo victory. At super worst I won that fight by 1 round, but I felt I won it a lot easier.

BT- At the post fight presser, there was quite a bit of mouth running. You seemed to keep some composure when it went down. Do you think that it was done to get a fight with him in Providence?

SM- Yeah, that was exactly what he was doing, but actually it got my trainer more riled up than me. Basically , the reason I felt so composed and cool is because this guy couldn’t beat me when I had this big gash over my eye, it threw me off of my game plan.
And I also was sick 6 days to a week prior to the fight, and that is the crucial week to get your head right for the fight. From Monday to Saturday I was sick with the flu and I didn’t do anything that really messed me up. Even though I felt strong, I didn’t feel sharp.That’s what I rely on, I’m not a power puncher, I rely on my speed and sharpness and I didn’t have that. I wasn’t a snake performance, but the judges gave me the fight because they seen that I was bleeding all over the place, yet I was still being the aggressor and landing the more effective punches.

BT- Was your sickness so bad that thought about pulling out of the fight?

SM- You know what? Yeah man, its funny man. When I first started my career, I pulled out of 2 fights because of sickness , I didn’t know how to cope with being sick while fighting. So know, I get sick but I don’t get worried anymore, I’m like ok I can get over this now. In the million dollar fight, I got sick 3 weeks before and it put me down for 5 days, but I didn’t worry because I still had time. But if something like last time happened again, I might consider pulling out, but something as big as the last fight was I don’t know. There is just so much money involved, and these fans want to watch it. You know, I don’t give a shit I’m willing to bleed and fight a opposite fight, it doesn’t matter man. If I can pull it out with heart and strength, I’ll be fine.

BT- After the last fight, there was word that Manfredo wanted to fight you in Providence. For a little while there was a little hype going on about that fight actually happening. Now Pemberton steps in and signs the contract. What do you think about that fight? Good step for Peter?

SM- I think it is a good fight for Peter, Pemberton just came off of that 2nd round knockout. Other than that, they were also sparring partners, so I’m pretty sure they know each others style. It will be a decision either way, Pemberton isn’t knocking him out and Peter won’t knock him out.
I think Peter wins a decision.

BT- You going to swing by and check that fight out?

SM- Yeah   “Laughs” You know what? Honestly, if I keep on getting positive e-mails from Providence then I actually might do that. I got a lot of love in Providence, believe it or not. I thought they wanted to cut my head off but I have love out there.

BT- Lets talk about your next fights. You are done with any other contender guy, right?

SM- I think we are done with that, even though it would sell big time, especially if I go to Providence. I actually suggested that to Mark Burnett, and told Peter that I would kick his ass in his hometown, because when I went to congratulate him he totally disrespected me. This guy can never beat me, no matter what.
I beat him in the amateurs, I beat him in the pros twice, no matter what circumstances I proved I can beat him.
I’ll fight him anywhere, honestly.

BT- You said that you may go to Providence to see the fight , you know the winner of that fight will call you out. Do you think you will have to fight the emotions, get mad, and actually take the challenge?

SM- I’m in a position that I don’t get mad, and I think god about it every day. There is no reason that I should get mad about anybody speaking negative about me, or talking shit, saying that I’m a paper this or paper that. I don’t give a fuck dude, I’m happy, I’m successful, I am going to continue to do what I got to do and it’s all good, all good.

BT- You had a pretty bad cut in the last fight, how is it healing?

SM- It’s healing up nicely, I got a good stitch job. I talked to a surgeon and they wanted to re-open it up and take care of the scar tissue, but I don’t want that, because I don’t want that much time in between fights. I want to fight in Feb, so I’m going to put that surgery on hold because I still feel well. They haven’t had me spar yet, but I will be sparring Vargas again very soon for Mosley.

BT- Is there any names you can give us for your next fight, who are you guys looking at?

SM- Our meeting hasn’t really happened yet, all they did is asked me when I can fight. I told them late feb early March. We briefly talked about opponents , William Joppy was one of them, but nothing solid yet. When we get back together they will throw a few more names at me and I will take the best fight for me.

BT- Any words for your fans or even your enemies?

SM- To all my fans or not, just show respect and love. I have a lot love and hate, when I go in there I do my best to please everyone that bought a ticket, so have respect for that. Much love for everyone that showed me love from the get go and I’m going to continue to keep doing what I’m doing.