Exclusive Interview: Sergio Espinoza

By Brad Cooney


Exclusive Interview: Sergio Espinoza

Boxingtalk.com had a chance to sit down with rising boxing prospect Sergio Espinoza (12-2-1D-4KO). Espinoza is coming off a nice victory over Esau Gaona (6-1) back on July 14th, and hopes to continue his 4 fight win streak. Sergio has a very impressive amateur record, holding numerous National Championships, and looks to edge closer to the world rankings in the very near future. 

BT - Sergio introduce yourself to the boxing fans out there who may not have heard of you yet.

SE - My name is Sergio Espinoza, and I would like to thank God for allowing me to be here on Boxingtalk.com and I want to thank Guilty Boxing for putting together my last 4 fights as well. I had 87 amateur fights, and I only lost 14 of those fights. I won 4 National Titles, and 1 Junior National Title, and I was the first person in San Diego history to win the National Golden Gloves in 1997, and I won all 4 major National Tournaments in The United States. I went to the Olympic Trials, and I lost in the second round. I had a good amateur career, and decided to turn pro.

BT - Sergio when you turned pro, did you get a promotional deal right away ?

SE - No, it took me a little while to get going. I just hooked up with Guilty Boxing about a year ago, I was boxing for different promoters and was managed by my coach when I first started.

BT - So you move on and hook up with Guilty Boxing, are you happy with them ?

SE - Yes, I am very satisfied with Guilty Boxing. I think with them I can become a World Champion one day, I am very happy with Guilty.

BT - You're 12-2 a very respectable record, do you have any T.V. fights coming up ?

SE - Right now they are trying to get me on the Marco Antonio Barrera vs Rocky Juarez fight on September 16th. If not then, I want to fight before then because I want to stay busy now. I had some problems in the past, I wasn't getting the right fights, so I took some time off. I have a wife and a one year old daughter, so I took some time off to spend with them. Now, Guilty Boxing has given me the opportunity to get good fights, and I am happy. I am trying to move up as soon as possible, and try for a title sometime next year.

BT - So you think sometime in the next year you can be in a position to grab a title ?

SE - To be honest, right now I want to take any of these contenders down by the end of this year. By the beginning of next summer I want to be fighting for a World Title. I have everything it takes to become World Champion, I am a boxer/puncher, on the inside and outside, and I have great defense. I am back now, I am stronger than ever, and I have people supporting me now. I am coming stronger than ever, and I will defeat these guys that they are putting in front of me, and I want to show the world that I am back.

BT - Is there anyone out there that you would like to get a crack at Sergio ?

SE - There are a lot of guys out there. There are the Donaire brothers, Glen and Nonito, I fought Glen 3 times and beat him 3 times in the amateurs. Maybe his brother wants to get me now since I beat his brother?  There is also Fernando Montiel, and Jose Navarro, I want all of these guys. I want the best, I think I got what it takes to beat everybody out there. Just a few more fights, and I will be up there with these guys, and I will beat them.

BT - You mentioned Fernando Montiel, a very tough fighter.

SE - I think Montiel is a very good fighter, and I respect what he has done in boxing. I don't see him having the heart to become a Champion though. I would be aggressive and give him angles that would make him pay if he tried to fight me.

BT - Is there anything you would like to say to the boxing fans Sergio ?

SE - I am happy to be out of San Diego California, they call me The San Diego Sensation. I want to thank all of my fans, I will not let them down. I will be a World Champion one day soon. I want to thank Boxingtalk, Guilty Boxing, Roberto Diaz, and my coach Robert, and of course God first.


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