Exclusive Interview: Scott Harrison

By Curtis McCormick


Exclusive Interview: Scott Harrison

Polo rematch or unification just fine with Harrison!

Scott Harrison is coming off the latest defense of his WBO Featherweight belt, a difficult war in Glasgow against Colombian hardman Victor Polo. The judges in that contest gave the decision to the home fighter by a very narrow margin. This past week, there has been talk of Harrison facing double champion Juan Manuel Marquez in Las Vegas in May. Boxingtalk.com had the chance to ask Scott about these things and he was generous to speak with us on these subjects as well as the much anticipated upcoming battle between Erik Morales and Manny Pacquiao. Read on for what Scotland's world champion had to say as we continue to bring the world's best fighters as no other site can.
BT: I imagine you'd like to fight Polo again?
SH: "Of course I'd like to fight Polo again. I've got to take things one step at a time and Polo put up a hell of a fight. If it comes up with Polo comes up again, of course I'd love to fight him again."
BT: Did Polo surprise you at all or did you know it was going to be that tough?
SH: "I knew it was going to be a tough fight but I thought I won it because I felt that I won the first half and the last few rounds. Polo was tricky, he was tough and he took a good punch. He put up a good show and is one of those fighters that should have been a champion. He's fought for a world title three times and not been champion but I think he should be champion one day."
BT: Lately the Marquez camp has said they'd like to fight you. From speaking with you before, I know you'd want that fight and wouldn't mind going to Las Vegas either.
SH: "I'd love to go to Las Vegas and have a unification fight there with Marquez. At the end of the day the money has to be right for a unification fight against Marquez or any of the other champions. This game is about money as well and nobody fights for something like that for less money than they've been getting right now. So it makes sense that I'd have to be getting more money than I'm getting right now. At the end of the day I want to put my title on the line to fight another champion. That's what this game is all about. Hopefully in the future I can go to Las Vegas and fight all the other champions. That's one of my goals that I'd like to achieve."
BT: That would be fantastic and especially since you'd have three belts if you beat Marquez.
SH: "Definitely, I'd like to fight for the American fans especially in Las Vegas. It's a boxing Mecca, isn't it? I'd love to put on a good show for the fans out there."
BT: Who do you like out of Pacquiao and Morales?
SH: "I'd have to say Morales. Pacquiao has come up in weight from a bantam or something and I think that Morales might stop him. Pacquiao is a good fighter but I think he fades later on and Morales is a full super featherweight."
Boxingtalk.com would like to thank Scott Harrison and Frank Maloney for making this article possible.


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