Exclusive Interview: Samuel Peter

By G. Leon


Exclusive Interview: Samuel Peter

"I'm the best heavyweight in the world!"

GL: What's going on Samuel? The last time we spoke, you did a lot of talking about possibly fighting John Ruiz in your next fight. Since then it's been announced that you'll be facing Sinal Sam for the #1 spot in the WBC. Tell us about that. "I want to beat all the champions and I would have like to knock John Ruiz out. Now they're talking about fighting this other guy (Sinal Sam) for the #1 ranking and I'll knock him out too. I don't care who it is, I'm going to be ready to take care of anybody and I'm going to make sure I'm focused."

GL: Hasim Rahman and Monte Barrett are fighting for the interim WBC heavyweight title and Vitali Klitschko will be facing the winner of that fight next. Are you concerned that you might be fighting Sam in an eliminator for the right to wait for another year to get your mandatory enforced?

Sam Peter: "Anything that comes I will be ready for. I want to fight for a world championship. I'm ready to fight any of those guys and I don't think any of them would be able to stand up to me. I don't know when my next fight will happen, but I know whoever it is, will have a big problem in front of them."

Ivaylo Gotsev: "We're going to fight for any titles that come along. This isn't about the titles anymore. This is about establishing a true heavyweight champion and a true name in the heavyweight division. Samuel Peter will be there and it doesn't matter which belt it is."

GL: Do you consider Vitali Klitschko the coward everyone else seems to be painting him as?

SP: "He is a coward. He gets a small injury and he can't fight. I had fights with injuries and didn't complain or tell anyone about them. When I fought Gilbert Martinez I only had one arm and I didn't let it bother me, I was happy to fight. This is what I do, so yeah, he's definitely a coward. He doesn't want the best challenges so what else can I say? If he's still around maybe he can prove to me that he's a champion and not a coward. Right now I'm the best heavyweight in the world. I'm a big puncher and I'm ready to knock out anybody they put in front of me."


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