Exclusive Interview: Sam Peter

By Brad Cooney


Exclusive Interview: Sam Peter

Boxingtalk.com just sat down with the hard hitting Heavyweight contender, Samuel Peter (25-1-21KO). Samuel talks about his upcoming fight against Julius Long (14-7-0) on April 28th on ESPN. Samuel Peter also talks about his performance against Wladimir Klitschko, and what he must do in order to get another heavyweight championship shot.

BT - You got Julius Long on the 28th of April on ESPN, this fight is for the NABF title, talk about the fight.

SP - This will be my first fight for this year, I don't think it's going to be a very big deal. I am just going to get in there and do what I am supposed to do, and get my victory back.

BT - What do you want to get out of this fight against Julius Long?

SP - Well this fight is important to win so I can get back on track, and go for a title shot again.

BT - Where would you like to see your self by the end of the year?

SP - Well I would love to see myself as the Heavyweight Champion of The World. I have been improving my game and to win, to look good winning. I will bring more skill into the ring, and I will look good for the fans.

BT - Samuel you lost a decision against Wladimir Klitschko back on September, 2005. What do you think you learned the most from that fight?

SP - Well I mean I learned a lot of things, what I am supposed to do. I learned that I am supposed to knock him out (laughs), not to let the judges get to decide.

BT - Shannon Briggs called you a bum the other day Sam, what's the deal there?

SP - Shannon Briggs isn't even on my level, he's not there at all. This guy is calling me a bum? If he wants to step up like a man to fight, I mean if he wants to do anything, we can fight, I mean he calls me a bum? I never lost a fight like he lost, Lennox Lewis whooped him like a baby. I think this guy is a baby, he cries to fight me, I don't cry to fight him, I am ready to fight him.

BT - Sam that's the most I have heard you say since I have known you (laughs).

SP - (Laughing).

BT - Sam did you see the Hasim Rahman vs James Toney fight, and if so, what are your thoughts on that fight?

SP - Yes they did their best, they did well. It's not easy to challenge for the Heavyweight Championship of The World, and it's not easy to be the Heavyweight Champion of The World.

BT - Samuel, James Toney hit Hasim with some big shots and Hasim walked through them. What do you think happens if Samuel Peter hits HasimĀ  with clean shots like that ?

SP - I believe you know that (laughs), it would be a different story.

BT - Samuel when do you think you will get another opportunity to fight for the World Title?

SP - Anytime anyone is ready to fight, I am ready, Samuel Peter is ready.

BT - Talk to the boxing fans Samuel.

SP - Well I want to thank Boxingtalk.com for looking after me, and having me here on your site. I want to thank all of my fans that believe in me. I will be more skilled in boxing next time, you need to watch for this on ESPN on April 28th. I want to wish peace to everybody, and thanks again!


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