Exclusive Interview: Rubin Williams

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Rubin Williams

JA: What’s the latest and greatest with Rubin Williams?  "I just beat up with this dude on august 4th for the NBA title. Right now they just took the stitches out of my eye because we clashed heads in the fight; I can start sparring again today. I am also hearing that Peter Manfredo is looking for a fight on October 14th on HBO after dark, well if he is still looking for an opponent tell him he can come to Hollywood and I will show him the stars."

“I think that me and Peter are a couple of the brightest young stars in the super middleweight division, I think that it would be a great fight between us and I would look forward to fighting him. I hear that Allan Greene is calling my name out. Listen I just got off a 12 round fight where I got cut and he is asking me to fight him on the 21st of September, come on man you know that I can’t be ready by that time. All he is doing is just trying to make it look like he wants to fight me but all in all he doesn’t really want to fight me, believe me. I remember the fight where he got hurt in the fight he was saying after the fight that he couldn’t get up for the fight because he couldn’t find a good opponent because Rubin Williams turned the fight down, well brother you didn’t call me. I have responded to him on that one and told him that if you called me then you must have called the wrong number. I know that he has a fight on the 21st of September, but after he gets through with whatever bum that he is fighting, he can come to Hollywood and I can show him the stars.

JA: Why do you think that he is calling you out?

RW: I have no idea because my name just came out of the blue. I was down in camp with Jaidon Codrington and Jaidon’s manager called him asking him about the fight and I told Jaidon that you shouldn’t take the fight because you don’t have enough fights. I don’t know if it’s personal because we were all in camp together, but I am the wrong mother fucker to be calling out.

JA: Do you think that he wants to fight you because he may think that you will be an easy fight like your friend Jaidon?

RW: I actually think that he is bluffing. When it came down to fight and I was nice and healthy I didn’t get any calls or he wasn’t calling out my name. But after I get through with a fight that goes 12 rounds and I receive a cut in my eye, now you want to call me out knowing that I cant fight for 30 days, its mind boggling. I have no problem knocking his ass out, me and Jaidon are good friends and I have no problem kicking his ass, he made it personal. 

JA: What are some of the goals that you have for yourself?

RW: Now that Joe Calzaghe is looking for a fight, why not me?  I am back at 168 and ready to fight the best fighters in the world.

JA: Your last big fight was against Jeff Lacy in 2005. Do you feel that you dropped the ball in that fight and you are looking to redeem yourself and get back to a title fight?

RW: Most definitely. I have no excuses for the fight; I have no excuses only having to and half weeks to train for the fight. I still feel that I can win the fight because I was boxing him easy in the fight and all I did was get careless thinking that I was going to knock this guy out. I was laying on the ropes to much thinking that it was an easy fight but I got caught.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing?

RW: I would like to thank everyone at Boxingtalk.com for conducting this interview. I am looking to make the best fights out there in the super middleweight division. Peter Manfredo if you are looking for an opponent, give me a call and let’s do this. I am putting the super middleweight division on notice. 


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