Exclusive Interview: Roy Jones Sr.

By Brad Cooney


Exclusive Interview: Roy Jones Sr.

Pearl Boxing Club, just to the east of Jackson Mississippi was host to a packed house, action filled amateur boxing show. What makes a successful amateur boxing show one might ask? Well if Roy Jones Sr brings his kids to an amateur boxing show, you can expect nothing less than action packed, well coached amateurs doing there thing in the ring. Roy Jones Sr was kind enough to sit down with Boxingtalk after the show to discuss Roy Jones Jr,
and to talk some amateur boxing as well. Enjoy this Boxingtalk exclusive one on one, and in person conversation with Roy Jones Sr.

BT - Big Roy, what's up and welcome to Jackson Mississippi.

RJS - First of all Brad, excuse my voice I lost it tonight (laughs). It's good to be here in Pearl Mississippi, I have always supported the amateur boxing programs and the individuals involved. Overall my kids did fairly well tonight, the kids learned, and some made some progress. It's an on going thing to keep some kids interested in the sport.

BT - Big Roy, let's talk about Roy Jr for a minute. You mentioned to me earlier that Roy Jr is about to get back into the gym and start training again to fight, what's going on with Roy Jr right now, and does he have any time frame when he wants to fight again?

RJS - Well, Roy expressed to me his desire to fight again. Right now we are going to the gym, and I am trying to recreate a training program for him to try to get him back on stride, you know what I mean? And see  if we can do this again. It is Roy's desire to fight again so he expressed to me. Right now he is back in the gym doing some running, and hitting the bag but we haven't really done any 'boxing' per say.

BT - Big Roy in the 5th round against Tarver, Roy looked like the Roy of old. What are your thoughts on why he stopped doing what he did so brilliantly in the 5th round?

RJS - Well looking back on it, hindsight is always perfect vision. I think at some point during the point Roy started fighting two fights, and I picked up on that as well, but I don't remember which round it was. That fight going on in his head was his fight personally, as far as what went on in the ring,  I don't know, only thing I can say is that I am most certain that he is fully aware of the condition and shape Tarver was in every time he had the
opportunity, but there was something mental going on.

BT - Big Roy, when Roy fights again can we expect to see you in his corner again?

RJS - Well as long as he trains, and takes some of the irons out of the fire I will work with him. If he spreads himself thin, I will support him any way that I can, but he would be doing that without my blessing.

BT - Big Roy I know you have a long drive back to P'Cola, and your voice is about gone so thank you very much for talking to Boxingtalk.


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