Exclusive Interview: Ronald Johnson

By James Alden


Exclusive Interview: Ronald Johnson

JA: How is everything going Ron? "Everything is going really good. I was going through a little bit of managerial problems. Everything got resolved and I am not going to be with Jewboy Promotions any longer, my new promoter is going to be Don King."

JA: When did this all come about?

RJ: A few weeks ago.

JA: Was you not satisfied with the way Jewboy promotions was handling your career?

RJ: No I thought that they were doing a good job. It was a group decision to go ahead and sign with Don King. They offered me more money and better opportunities.

JA: Is Jewboy promotions disappointed with you leaving?

RJ: I really don’t know because I haven’t talked with Jewboy in a few weeks.

JA: I know that you said before that you would love to fight the Joey Spina-Jesse Brinkley winner…

RJ: [Cutting In] Oh yeah most definitely. We all train out of the same gym and they all know that I would like to fight either one of them. I am going to let Don know about my wishes and hopefully we can get the fight in the future.

JA: How do you feel a fight with either Jesse Brinkley or Joey Spina go?

RJ: Well I sparred over 50 rounds with Joey Spina and with Jesse Brinkley I think that I would totally outclass him. I think that we are not even on the same level when it comes to boxing. I am going to give Joey Spina the edge when they do fight. I think that Spina is the bigger guy and I think that Brinkley is going to try to stay their with him, I think that Brinkley can be out-boxed also.

JA: Do you feel with Don King that you are going to be getting a lot more opportunities that you wouldn’t be getting anywhere else?

RJ: Don doesn’t have a lot of fighters in the Super Middleweight division and that is one of the reasons that he wanted to sign me. That is one of the things that he told me was that he is going to make me a champ in the Super Middleweight division. Don also wants to set me up with the right fights, get me on TV.V and bring a title back to his hometown.

JA: When did the talks between you and Don commence Ron?

RJ: There is a guy by the name of Steve Marcano who is one of my boxing managers who owns a company called “My little stars” is a company that he and Don King are involved with. Don knew that he worked with me and said while where doing this deal lets make another deal, I want to promote your fighter.

JA: Was you under contract with Jewboy promotions?

RJ: I was never under contract with Jewboy promotions, we were always in negations but nothing came to fruition in those negotiations.

JA: How many fights would you like to have this year?

RJ: I would like to fight 8 times this year and finish up 16-1 or 17-1 and that would set me up nice for a run in 2007. I would love to start fighting some serious fights in 2007.

JA: When will your next fight take place?

RJ: On May 6th on the Oscar De La Hoya-Ricardo Mayorga under card.

JA: Is their anything that you would like to say in closing?

RJ: I would just like to reiterate that I would love to fight the winner of the Joey Spina-Jesse Brinkley fight. I just want everyone to look out for Ronald Johnson in 2006 as I look to take over the division this year.


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